Some small knowledge points about installing Linux

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My original installation is the Classic mode, the Classic mode is not to configure themselves, the computer will be active configuration. After understanding the Linux disk and partition, it is best to customize it again, and in the bird Brother's book is also a custom installation.

The following is the installation, in the process of installation do not be impatient, it is best to take a look at each of the options, see clearly, so that will not lead to the removal of re-installed.

It's best to install a system in a virtual machine in the same beginner stage as I do, because Linux permissions allow you to delete something, and if it doesn't, it crashes and I often write some wrong commands.

In the installation of the time is actually some fool-like operation, the following simple note some key points.

1, in the installation of the client operating system, the general computer will find the ISO image itself, this time can no longer fool operation, the main point to install the operating system later .

2, Next is the fool operation to the network connection option, this one to choose the Bridge connection , as for why, I found a very good explanation of the Internet blog, here attached the address of the great God click Open link.

3, after creating a new virtual machine, the next step is to configure the system, and then click Edit this virtual machine , in the CD this option, find your own ISO image , and then open this virtual machine.

4, has been installed down, the best place is to customize the choice of Chinese, I am computer-related English is not particularly familiar, more like the Chinese interface.

5, too long time did not install, this time let me installed several times to the custom installation to partition, this is not the same as the version of Bird Brother's book, so a little step or not the same, after opening their own virtual machine, the custom partition is created after the root permissions of the host name, The description in the book is after the partition to create the root directory, so keep going down. Once you have selected a custom installation , you are ready to partition.

6, Partition: In the previous article has been aware of the meaning of each partition mount point after the better partition. Here is my partition:

Mount Directory Size

/boot 1000MB


/Home 5000MB

Swap 1000MB

Create a partition for the/boot directory: If you have a/boot partition, make sure that the partition is in the top part of the entire hard drive, then we need to choose to force the primary partition , that is, to force the primary partition to hook up at the bottom left.

Create a partition of swap for memory swap space : Swap space is important because it avoids the problem of low system performance due to insufficient physical memory.   Because swap is a memory swap space, no mount points are required. Select Swapat the file system type. After choosing Swap, you will find that the mount point automatically becomes not applicable to Gray, in the traditional Linux documentation is specifically designated to swap the best for physical memory of 1.5 times times to twice times.

swap memory swap space function is : When the data is stored in the physical memory, but the data is not often used by the CPU, then these unused programs will be lost in the swap space of the hard disk, Instead, the faster physical memory space is freed up to be used by the program that really needs it.

So above is the installation process to pay attention to some of the knowledge, and then some of the system recommended some operations, the system is installed.

Some small knowledge points about installing Linux

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