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Here are some of the less common but very cool features:

FSO features that are rarely understood
GetSpecialFolder method returns the path to a specific Windows folder: Windows installation directory; Windows system directory; Windows Temp directory FSO. GetSpecialFolder ([0, 1, or 2])
GetTempName method returns a randomly generated file or directory name that is used to store temporary data
Getabsolutepathname method returns the absolute path of the folder (similar to Server.MapPath).
For example, FSO. Getabsolutepathname ("region") returns a result similar to the following: "C:mydocsmyfolder egion"
Getextensionname method returns the extension of the last part of the path
(For example: Fso.getextensionname ("C:docs est.txt") will return txt)
Getbasename and Getparentfolder Methods returns the parent folder of the last part of the path
(For example: Fso.getparentfolder ("C:docsmydocs") will return to ' docs ')
The Drives property returns a collection of all locally available drives to establish a resource-browser-like user interface.

When using the above features, it is best to create a good error-handling code. Because if the required parameters do not exist, you will have trouble with the information.

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