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This is my advice for junior developers in learning programming. It is intended for beginners who are interested in programming at the early stage of the University.

Select a fast and effective programming language and Platform

You need to select a practical and favorite platform to keep your interests and encourage you to quickly expand your knowledge. The most important thing is that you like it.

Some articles suggest that Beginners first learn the C language, because it is a necessary and basic language. However, some people will let you learn lisp first, because it has a solid theory and teaches you many programming concepts in a simple way.

These are all good suggestions, but they have different perspectives. But for the first language to be learned, I think it is important to select a language that you like and can stimulate your potential. LISP and C language are both good, but these features are easier to see in a later version.
I recommend that you use Visual Basic. NET as the first language to learn. Microsoft provides a free and complete ide. You only need the installation package file. It is important that the platform contains a quick visual designer for creating desktop programs and web programs. You don't need to learn the entire graphic tool, but just need to be familiar with the programming environment. The learning cost is very small, and you will learn a lot of programming skills for other programming languages in the future. From the perspective of teaching, VB. NET is not a particularly annoying habit. It is simple and interesting, allowing you to make practical programs within a week.

Another language is Python. This language is similar to VB. NET in terms of terser syntax. The only reason for choosing python is that it has a small built-in library and does not provide a fixed, standard desktop creation program or a network-based application service designer and framework. You can download these toolkit separately, but it does not take effect immediately. Without a designer, you will spend a lot of time starting and running.

Participate in forums and online communities

After joining the Forum, you will learn a lot and believe that knowledge is power. When you ask questions, answer questions, or just participate in the discussion, you will gain the respect of others.

Do not fall into "political" discussions

Participate in your favorite programming language community or forum, and do not fall into the religious discussion of programming. Many programmers have a strong prejudice against their industry, including rich experience. Most of their arguments focus on different areas of personal preferences, language applications, and skill and knowledge levels. These arguments will waste your time, and it is better to use the time to learn or write software.

Patience, confidence, and humility

Learn what you know and what you don't understand. Don't lose heart to what you don't know. As long as you constantly improve and learn, you will become better.

Learning Technology is just like learning Programming

Learn databases, XML, and network protocols for your favorite games or applications, and provide specific APIs for writing plug-ins. Use the first language you learned as the basis to expand the technical knowledge you need and try different things, instead of worrying about whether your code is perfect.

Do not ignore Theory

The initial focus is to do things and make it fun. You need to clearly understand the meaning of your work in this process. It is important to learn language details and related technical theories.

Purchase other programming language books

Some books seem terrible and do not seem to be the type you need. In fact, they are not the case and should be purchased. Similar to other books, the Knowledge mentioned above is the same, but they are profound and provide a lot of more in-depth language usage. When you are looking for a book, make sure it provides a good balance between explaining how to do and what actually does.

Purchase Programming Technology Books

At this stage, you should not buy any books related to the industry and teach you how to become a "professional developer". Instead, you should buy books such as programming practices and programming skills. I strongly recommend that you purchase code by Charles petzol. This book is informative, enlightening, easy to understand, and will guide you on what you are doing.

If you can, find a "Leader"

Find a smart, enthusiastic, and experienced programmer for guidance. Even if they can only take a very short time to solve your questions, it is very helpful for your learning. Respect their time and ask questions where you cannot easily find answers elsewhere.



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