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I have been learning Java for more than two years and have some thoughts in my mind.

First, I feel that the Java language is quite simple (relatively C ++ is quite easy to learn), so many people will learn it roughly. In fact, this is not correct, infrastructure is very important. For example, in the following example, do you know which statement is false?


(1) int [] A = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 };
(2) int [] B = new int [6];
For (INT I = 0; I <B. length; I ++ ){
B [I] = I + 1;

(3) int [] C = new int [6];
C = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 };


First of all, I think the foundation is very important. I should pay more attention to the details.



Second, there should be more computers, because programming is something that was originally done in front of the computer. It can only be done by theory. Let's take a look at some excellent code, Because Java is open-source and there are many open-source items. Select an open-source software that you are interested in and learn from it slowly. Learning

In Java, do not just learn its API. While learning its API, you also need to think about how sun implements this API. If it is you, will you do the same? Why? Of course, there are too many Java code, and I can't finish it all my life. You can find the source code of Java in the directory where you install Java:
F:/program files/Java/jdk1.6.0 _ 11 has a file.


Third, the Java field is too broad. To be honest, it is impossible to learn everything. Java is mainly divided into three fields: j2se, J2EE,

J2se is generally used to make some desktop things, such as the famous open-source software ECLIPSE. This software is written in Java. While

It is mainly used for Embedded operating systems, and most people will learn J2EE. To learn J2EE, there are three required frameworks: stuts, spring, and hibernate.


Finally, we must keep learning. Only now can I find myself a dish. Some classes are not familiar with any program.

If you want to learn the CS structure, I suggest you read Java swing (second edition). I have read this book and think it is quite good.

The book <thinking in Java>, which is called a must-read for learning Java, cannot be read. The first is the Chinese version. I feel that the translation is not fluent and the problem cannot be solved, it may be that my level is limited. I don't know the English version, because I haven't read it.

Finally, let me talk about it. I think it is very useful to copy the code. Don't think you can understand the code. (here, you won't have found the quasi-code from others' code ), in fact, it is better to copy it once than to carry it back several times.

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