Some suggestions for new people who just started to do the website

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1. Do the website, can not stop, remember to update every day, because the internet is too fast, Google and Baidu never give you the chance to breathe

2. Do the website, can not feel the line, do not produce that kind of oneself think the station rank also into tens of thousands of, PR also has 5, feel can rest, if so your website also quick rest, hehe!

3. Do the Web site, can not stop thinking, should not start when the plan for how to do has been doing this method for six months, certainly not, we did not say? To keep pace with the times, and constantly thinking, find out the important and secondary contradictions in different periods. Fixed, in advance.

4. Do the website, cannot scold the search engine, you must learn to enjoy, after all you did not he big, saw "Tian Ji" not? Bai even he dare X, you have "Tian Ji" New b? So say or don't always shout "rape Baidu", to use "seduce" I think more appropriate point.

5. Do the website, can not always count on the ads on the number of shocks, the real development of their own entity is kingly, but I do not mean that the novel site to sell their own books .... Think for yourself.

In fact, do the site like drug addiction, you have to continue to do, no end of the dry, endless update!

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