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  • Jquery & Ajax
      • JS debugging tool:
        • Firefox-> firebug: very useful.
        • IE 8-> Developer Tools: very useful. I believe Microsoft has used a lot of firebug ideas for reference.
        • IE 6-> in a very painful experience, I found several tools to locate errors and debug them. Ietester: Basically yes, but the downloaded version is not compatible with debugbar and can only be used by multiple browsers. Debugbar and commonjs are good. You can list all the entry points that cause a JS error in detail.
      • JS debugging in vs 2008 is already very useful. However, an inexplicable error resulted in a one-day query of the global Internet. The last joke is, add a short segment.CodeSolution. The reason for the analysis is that the JS support in IE 6 is not good enough, and the data returned from post cannot be found by setting selected = true in the drop-down box. Add the setTimeout function.
      • Experience:
        • Jquery plug-ins are relatively mature and diverse.
        • It is unnecessary to encapsulate only the basic selector. After all, it has a certain impact on the speed of web pages. If a page needs to write about 200 lines of JS Code, or you need a mature plug-in, we recommend that you use.
        • JS class library conflicts with jquery: Solves the issue and replaces $ ("") with jquery ("")
        • Jquery's syntax rules are indeed simple and practical. But after getting used to the object-oriented programming method, we prefer the object-oriented method.
  • Lightweight API
      • JSON format data is returned by API, which is easy to process in Js.
      • There are many API implementation methods. This time, a generic handler file is used to complete the API interface, which is a good choice for web form applications.
  • Unittest
      • unit testing is very helpful in programming.
      • many people have a lot of concerns about unit tests, because they need to write a lot of test cases, such as cell testing in vs2008, highly integrated, it is convenient to generated the method unit test method. The advantage is that when you modify the class library method, the regression of test cases is good, and unittest of web form also supports well.
      • unit test coverage:
        • for agile small teams, unit testing covers important data access and business logic. You can write the business logic code when making the UI again
        • multiple cases are covered in one method

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