Some things do not need to insist, like is like

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"This child, if can settle the heart, the result certainly can be better", this is from the childhood to the high school has been following my comment. From small to I relatively rebellious, almost all "bad students" things I have done, but my academic performance can also maintain the upper level. The feeling of being a little bit clever. Now in retrospect, if I really can set the heart to recite the text attentively, insist on reading English words every day, my results will really be better? At that time, I really hate reading. But maybe the reason for boys, more like logical things, so in science is relatively good, because do not memorize. Naturally, the college entrance examination of a standard science students results.

The most painful thing in life is to do something that you do not like to do. If you want to ruin something, hate it. Similarly, if you want to do something good, like it. In fact, why I am so yearning for college, it is probably because the university no longer the evaluation of teachers. Sure enough, the university four years, the class teacher's name, what she looks like, I have no knowledge. If you want to get a teacher's opinion, you may have to find a notice. But in exchange for more is from schoolmates and the Society appraisal. The university did do a lot of things I wanted to do, and naturally didn't do what I didn't like to do. Every year, on the eve of graduation will have to retake. Fortunately, I found my favorite career.

Eight hours of work a day, like it, feel only eight minutes. Don't like it, living like eight years is not too much. But forget it, a day seems to be eight years, suddenly feel can live longer than others. But even if God had let me live for hundreds of years, I would not have made myself miserable for hundreds of years in this way. What is called long pain is not as short as pain, now understand.

whether in the real society, or in the virtual network world, "persistence" appears to be so indispensable. You have to stay up 7 o'clock in the morning every day, you have to insist on regular meals every day, you must insist on learning every day ... So I have a lot of doubts, if not like, why insist. If you don't like to go to work, why do you insist on climbing the bus at 7 o ' clock every day, and if you don't like your body, why do you eat on time, and if you don't like something new, why keep studying. Perhaps we will say to ourselves: "To survive, I must persist in the work, the disease, I must insist on the meal on time, or be discriminated against, I must persist in learning." This is all an excuse. Live so passive, so painful, still really long pain than short pain forget. When you like something, you really don't have to stick to it. I like my career, I do not need to insist on 7 o'clock to get up, I would like to get up 6 o'clock, can buy more than one hours to do what I love to do; I like my body, so I will naturally eat and exercise on time, I am eager for knowledge, so I will continue to learn. Liking and not liking is your own most real intuition. Follow your own feelings and let yourself be comfortable. Too much intervention will only make you run away. In fact, a lot of troubles are self-inflicted. Remote control in their own hands, want to see what kind of world, their own decision.

want to write a 800-word composition, even if the knife in my neck can not be written out. Because I don't like it, I never do it well. Write a diary? It is the day of the night tan. Now I can write this diary, maybe I will write more diary later, because I like it.

Some things do not need to insist, like is like

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