Some things in the IT industry

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I was one of the three cloud computing under the name of a salesman, has been engaged in the IDC industry for four years, for the IT Internet is also a relatively understanding.
In contact with the server before, also done online game customer service, so get started relatively fast. Two years earlier the server is very good to do, but with the changes in the Times, the development of scientific and technological level,
More and more people began to proxy server, the market appeared a series of agent IDC, custodian and so on, this year is particularly difficult to do,
First of all, the premise of customer consideration, more inclined to the price of cheap, do not care about the machine moisture, secondary to consider the stability of the network factors, there are people who are familiar with the recommendation.
Cause the server industry to become a mess, a variety of prices, even the emergence of a price war. The computer room of one-hand resources makes people feel that the price is expensive.
And this year's network relative to the second half of the relatively stable, so more customers feel that use is not high-protection, as long as the price is cheap on the line.
In fact, I would like to say that a penny a penny, the equivalent of consumption to enjoy the relative service and quality, who will not do unprofitable business, not because of the price and not worth the candle.
Our company currently operates independently of Fuzhou high-anti-engine room (there are Hong Kong servers), the computer room are the backbone of the line node, telecom Netcom dual-line room, multi-line room, to maximize the bandwidth to ensure adequate supply, as well as a complete solution to the North-South area interconnection problems. And firewalls are used in the latest firewall, in addition to the Golden Shield professional after-sales service, as well as Golden Shield technical team constantly updated anti-CC new strategy, coupled with the room
The effective security policies of the technical team to make the client's server usage process more secure and stable. The data center is equipped with 7x24-hour onsite maintenance personnel, 365 operating services, stable security more secure. To provide customers with high-quality, efficient, high-security 7x24-hour professional maintenance guarantee.
We have the strength of a little to accumulate and change, not the hype of the customer, but to do real, stable, fast.
I love my job, because I previously on the network sales is a misunderstanding, the original has a good development platform, will let oneself learn more real social knowledge, but also can make a lot from the all corners, the state of the county's different customers, even become friends.

Some things in the IT industry

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