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PPT cover in the entire PPT has a pivotal role, directly embodies the center of the PPT content, a good cover can give the audience a good impression, just like the face of people, long beautiful always win more favor. On the PPT cover design, there is no specific method, mode. PPT template treasure only from some personal experience to talk about experience, generally for PPT design cover, I will have three kinds of ideas:

First, take the enterprise visual image as the design starting point

Generally speaking, enterprises have their own logo, standard word, standard color, auxiliary graphics, that is, we usually said VI system (corporate vision recognition), I will provide the basic VI based on the design.

For example, the following project signing ceremony of the PPT, the cover with a large logo for the outstanding graphics, the PPT cover design process is not complicated, and not through PS and other professional software, but will provide customers with the logo vector source files, exported into WMF format, import into the ppt2007 edit, The ribbon-like pattern in the upper-left corner is the result of editing the ppt2007 tool.

This is also a more flattering approach, PPT directly reflects the emergence of an organization, an enterprise image, usually customers are more satisfied.

This is also the enterprise Visual graphics (the upper part of the crescent moon-like), the Enterprise standard Color (red) as the basis for design, just below with a few gray tune processed office scene map, more obvious is for ordinary office design special template.

Second, the enterprise's industry characteristics of the screen as the main

Many enterprises have their own industry characteristics, can be based on the characteristics of the company to match with the relevant pictures, such as the following PPT cover is a tobacco enterprises under the logistics company, in order to highlight the characteristics of logistics, online search for a big truck pictures, just reflect the characteristics of the logistics industry.

The following PPT is designed for a military academy, in order to reflect the military, national defense characteristics, with the common Great Wall, the military as a pattern.

Third, the use of this PPT to reflect the content of the keynote

For example, the following PPT, is an enterprise to the government Department of a planning project, and the characteristics of this project is around the local port economy, I found a representative of the local port picture, simply add a gray and blue color block treatment, simple and generous.

The following is also a presentation material ppt, is about the new material industry, but also with a few new materials industry product picture.

In fact, there is no formula for PPT cover design, we look at the book cover, corporate album cover, posters and the like, will bring inspiration to themselves, PPT cover the biggest advantage is that can be made animation effect, dynamic display of elements, this is the general graphic design can not be replaced

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