Some Troubleshooting ideas in software development

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Some Troubleshooting ideas in software development

Sun Wentao

When I was working a few days ago, I always encountered compilation errors because it was cross-platform and not very familiar with compilers and switches, so I didn't know how to arrange some errors.


For a long period of time in the company, most of the good jobs have to be troubleshooting. In general, software development follows the rule of "iterative development" and incremental development.

Each phrase must ensure that an "Atomic function" is correct. The Atomic function can be a small feature. The implementation of a small function must ensure that the compilation is successful and the build is correct.


The correct debugging process is that the range of troubleshooting errors is reduced from large to small, and the range is dropped from the surface to the line, from the line to the point.

(1) Compile a single file, lock the error in a file, comment out the error file, and open the file gradually, approaching the real error source step by step;

(2) set the breakpoint reasonably, and lock the error from the large file level to the row level, and then to the last few rows. Narrow down the scope through a variety of debugging tools.





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