Some tutorial on Raspberry Pi Finishing

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A while ago to start a Raspberry Pi, the price of 200多 points, but with the purchase of Chargers, wireless card, memory card and so on, counted less said also has 300;
Buy Raspberry Pi 2 B, the configuration is better than before.

Because it is a novice, so at first did not buy the whole thing (did not buy memory card), and then spent 40 bought a 16G Kingston memory card (small card, is the phone memory card, and did not use the camera in the KCAL), the best Buy at the same time to buy a card reader, I just do not know how to run several times.

These are bought later, the first is to install the system, just get the Raspberry Pi should not be installed system. Go to the Raspberry Pi network to find the Raspberry Pi system image package, download it, and then use a Linux image burning software called Win32diskimager image Baoke to the memory card just bought; Insert the memory card into the Raspberry Pi, plug in the power, Raspberry Pi automatic installation system, Wait a few minutes (forget how long), the next step refers to the Raspberry Pi no monitor to get started, note that some people do not have a router around, in fact, you can also use a network cable to the Raspberry Pi and computer directly connected. The above two methods are to find the IP address of the Raspberry Pi, with advanced ipscanner tool scanning (own network up and down bar), the specific reference I give the tutorial link, it is written in a very full, I also follow that came, so it is not rewritten.

After installing the system and using VNC or putty to connect to the computer, the first thing to do is to install Chinese input method and Chinese, the specific reference Raspberry Pi Chinese Input Method set, follow the above step by step to the line.

Then replace the software source, the early replacement of the software will quickly, refer to the "Raspberry Pi" to replace the Raspberry Pi software source

If you buy a USB wireless network card, you can consider the wireless network to connect to the computer, the reference to the Raspberry Pi Raspberry, set up a wireless internet connection, this is a bit troublesome, but follow the above step by step to still no problem, note that the [tab] does not directly copied up, I just copied it right from the start and failed (+﹏+) ~

Below for Raspberry Pi installation Nodejs, refer to the (Raspberry Pi) Raspberry Pi installed Nodejs

I know you're going to scold me for being lazy (,?,,), but I'm also following the tutorials above, so I feel like I'm going to have a heavy (Chao) complex (xi), so if you've just started the Raspberry Pi, you can refer to my blog as a step-by-step, so it's quicker than looking for it. And some of the tutorials are obsolete (I just find a lot of useless tutorials for a long time wasted)

Some tutorial on Raspberry Pi Finishing

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