Some vomiting experience in verifying the control [Validation Server Control] Under. net

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Some versions and FAQs of the validation control [Validation Server Control] Under. net

Experts may laugh, but I am here to torture my younger brother for three days. I will record it and share it with you.

1. Net does not respond to the submission on the page after SP1. Why? This is because after SP1.

Some of the functions in aspnet_client/system_web/2017100004322webuivalidation.js have been changed. I will not talk about them much. The solution here is as follows, 1. Compare the JS functions generated by running normal pages and abnormal pages

If the content is different, it is generally because a return is a new version in the validatoronsubmit () function. Replace it with the corresponding JS under wwwroot folder to solve the problem.

2. After enableclientscript = "false", it will be reported at the server end. Well, this problem is my basic skills.

Use isvalid to start the onclick operation.

Microsoft, forgive me. You have been scolded for tens of thousands of times in the past two days ......

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