Some ways to download on spring website

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Spring Official website:


After the spring official website revision, many items of the complete zip package download Link has been hidden, although spring is designed to guide you to use a more "tall" maven way to manage the dependent jar package, but completely did not think of China's national conditions, in the Great Wall, directly through maven download things outside the wall , either turtle speed, or directly be harmonious.

Here are some of the methods collected from the Internet, which can be used to download spring full

First Kind

Stick directly to the Address bar or download tool, each time there is an update as long as the version number can be;

The second Kind
Stick this in the address bar and you'll see a tree directory, then the first level down;

Third Kind
You'll find the spring framework in the projects on the official website, then the kitten icon on the left, jump to GitHub and find building a distribution with in the downloading artifacts below. Dependencies The super chain, go in and find the SpringSource repository, then open the Spring Repository FAQ, find libs-release-local, Go in and then point artifacts page, then in the left list first simple Brower, the following process and the second step. (However, GitHub is very unstable inside the wall, you know ...) )

Fourth type

Http:// or


Replace the Q keyword with the name of the spring sub-project.

Some ways to download on spring website

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