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Seeing that I am about to join the ranks of unemployed young people, I am wondering what to do with next month's mortgage .. Suddenly I received a mysterious remittance order. I asked my dad to go to the post office yesterday to help me retrieve it. It turned out to be more than one thousand yuan. Then I checked my signature: Beijing Network Times Technology Development Co., Ltd, how can I not remember cooperating with such a company? I checked the website for a long time and didn't have any useful information, but I vaguely remembered it, half a year ago, someone contacted me and said that I would like to make the game software I made into the CD, but said that I do not have the money to give it to me now, and I will accept the offer later. Now it is estimated that this is the case. The other party is very trustworthy. Thanks to them, it is a breeze ..

Speaking of my game software, I was inspired to see ksokoban on Linux when I was in my sophomore year, this is almost the first official work I made after learning delphi. At that time, I spent a lot of effort on asking for help on the Internet to prevent the problem of flickering pictures, I also got to know another friend who used VB to develop similar games and owned his own world on his website .... Later, I researched the automatic search path, and even let the game implement the function of automatically pushing the box to the destination by notifying the user of the destination. Now it does not seem so rare, at that time, it took me several weeks to draw sketch on paper. At that time, I opened the software open-source and wrote an introduction to the automatic search path. I was lucky enough to get the publication of Computer Enthusiast magazine, I received a very good draft fee. I have maintained the entire software for about a year, and I have never updated it any more. However, he is still reposted on many websites so far. (If you want to try it out, please visit help you find some photos of me !). What I did not expect is that this year, a few years later, we can still rely on such a simple small work to receive an additional revenue.

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