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I have been looking for a job for more than January years. I would like to summarize my experience as follows. I hope to help xdjm that is or will be looking for a job!
First, I think it is very important to look for a resume, because it determines whether you are qualified for a written test. Before writing a resume, you must realize that your strengths are from Mingjiao. Are you sure you have a good performance or have rich project experience? How many national competitions have you participated in and how many awards have you won? Then write it in front to highlight it. I think it will naturally make your resume stand out.
Then, a solid foundation is required. To be honest, after so many written examinations and interviews, I found that the questions I asked are all very basic questions. If you look for software, take a good look at C and the data structure. The hardware is nothing more than a digital-mode single-chip computer. I feel that some large companies are more concerned about your foundation and your potential!
In addition, after each written test, you must think back to the question that you are not doing or are not sure about, because I found that many companies will have a lot of PEN questions, especially software. In addition, during the interview, the examiner will also give you questions about your written examination errors. Have you ever thought about it again? If you can give the examiner a correct answer on the spot, I believe your impression Club will be greatly improved.
In addition, BBS is a good communication platform. You must visit it more and learn from others' experiences. There are also some forums, such as csdn, which will contain a lot of pen-related questions and some of your experiences, I believe that you will be able to learn things that you cannot learn or are ignored by books, which will certainly help your written examination.
You must be prepared in advance to familiarize yourself with your project, self-introduction in English, home introduction, home introduction, and introduction to your city and school. This is the focus of the interview. Preparation in advance is the most important thing. I remember that we were here to recruit people in October. At that time, when I submitted a resume, I sent an email. Maybe it was the reason why there were few people who invested in it, I still have the chance to take the test. But the test is C, including two numbers without additional variables for exchange. use recursion to obtain n! Now! They are all basic questions, but I have never carefully read c before. I remember to exchange the numbers and I used the reference! After the test, I thought it was definitely a failure, so I made up my mind to make C crazy from that day. Maybe we didn't have any preparation. I even received a written test notification in the evening. I was so lucky! During the interview, because it was the first time, I encountered a lot of questions that made me crazy about vomiting blood, such as advantages and disadvantages. What are the advantages over others? We have nothing to tell you, we don't know why. Why do you think! Dizzy! I was not prepared before. I really don't know how to deal with it, so I had to talk about it. What's worse is e-wen, and I even talked about my name is ......, I come from ...... -_-! The result is naturally that there is no good news. This is my first time. Haha, despite the failure, I have learned a lot, strengthened my belief in reading C and how to deal with regular questions during the interview. In addition, I got a little confidence, because there were a lot of computers in this test and GG missed the interview.
The second round was a telephone interview-central control of Zhejiang University. During the interview, I only asked me which computer courses I had learned and what new technologies I had compiled. I even told him about Java, I forgot that I was a C ++ programmer, Khan! Eight times, I did not ask about that technology. I only asked what I had done and what I would do. Maybe they just wanted to recruit people who could get started and create profits for him, they don't care whether your infrastructure is good or not, whether they have the potential to cultivate it or not.
The third time I received an interview notification, Beida qingniao. When I remembered it, I felt that they had come to advertise. After they went there, they only met some teachers or engaged in marketing activities, even these notices were sent to R & D interviews, but they only gave them the current background and increased their popularity. They put a strong contempt for this, wasting my face and the fare of 2.4 yuan! Eight times, think about it with your toes. What are the training institutions looking for software R & D? Dizzy, naive, naive.
After the National Day, we arrived at the peak of campus recruitment. I remember that P & G and Ms appeared very early. This type of unit can only be seen from far away, but we are still bold and brave, crowded with people, less than seven, there are already people in it, crowded people, standing in less than two minutes, people are sweating, this occasionally knows, this year's situation is not optimistic. There is no way China is no shortage of people! After listening to the Meeting, I handed in my resume and even ran out. Later, Ms had a written test notice. Haha, I got 8 points and got a lucky number. I heard that I could have an interview at 28 points, but I only had a fraction of my head, sweat! Finally, I got a letter of thanks from MS, which is believed to be "eight times". Even though we were not sad, we were not satisfied with our hopes. At least we experienced this!
Then, the joint recruitment of the national ship Research Institute was completed. The style of state-owned enterprises was not punctual and the management was poor. We can see from the recruitment site that the time was up and there was no human influence from the Organization, it was hard to say that people were here and they didn't talk about it for a few minutes. Each Research Institute had his own political opinions and received his resume and a simple interview. The scene was estimated to be more difficult than the market, I chose Hangzhou's 715, Shanghai's 716, and Dalian's 726 (I was wrong and thought it was Suzhou's, they are also from huagong wuda and have rich social activities, so they are quite popular with these research institutes. 726 of them wrote a "yes" on their resumes in Europe ", I wrote "A +" on my resume of 716, which greatly increased my confidence! After 715, I also called me to go to the interview.
The first interview at the school was Shante electronics. To tell the truth, during the written examination, I felt that the C language and IQ logic questions were good, and I felt that the English translation was miserable. I got an interview notification that night. As the company added Taiwan capital in Shenzhen, I was not caught a cold. I only planned to train troops, so I did not prepare carefully. During the interview, the manager asked me on his resume that he was honest and did not write anything. Haha, because he was very professional, the manager's problem was naturally not difficult for me, in addition, he didn't really want to go, so his mentality was also very good and the whole process was very easy. I remember that if he even said something that made his eyes shine, it was the compilation of European programming. He was overjoyed at that time, I said they were looking for such a person, and then I recommended a book to me. When I went there, I also asked me with great enthusiasm, why is his hand so cool and how good a manager is? Unfortunately, when he asked me how likely he was to go to Shante, in order to take care of his face, he even said, 90%, huh, huh. After the interview, I was very happy to come out and thought it was definitely a failure. Who would like to go to his company! However, on the evening of the next night, Shante will call to discuss occasionally. It is estimated that it will be even, alas! Tian Yi, finally I went there and explored the actual situation. Since they requested to send the agreement at the end of November, they accepted their offer! In retrospect, I am really sorry for them. Our class took the three Gg members of offer to today to get their data. Shante is very thick, and I would like to salute you!
The second interview at the school was an Kai, an American company that made an IC. On that day, he went to the regete network for a written test and didn't even listen to the presentation. His resume was sent to the dormitory by a GG group, at that time, I threw a piece of paper, and even Europe's biggest shining point-the software designer certificate was not handed over to me. At night, when an Kai informed me of the written test, GG shouted that you had all written test notifications, I called you a piece of paper, which proves the old saying that gold always shines, huh, huh! So GG wanted to go to Guangzhou. As a result, he didn't receive a written examination notice, so he vomited blood! But the next day, I went to wuda as a recruitment group in Zhongguancun. At the beginning, I thought they could not come to our school. So when I wrote an Kai test, I came out half an hour ahead of schedule, I plan to arrive at Zhongguancun, wuda. When I came back, I found that Zhongguancun was coming to huagong the next day. I was so dizzy that I came out in advance !!
On the day of Zhongguancun, I was too busy. I submitted my resume in the morning and wrote two tests in succession in the afternoon. Tsinghua Ziguang and NEC came back in the evening. Even when I was exhausted, I came back to watch the dishes for ease.
The second naive is a surprise. An Kai actually notified me of the interview. It seems that he was the first interview. During the interview, I was lucky enough to see my test score, 81 points, dizzy! I really have to admire myself, so high! Eight times, its question is really very simple, even at first glance is the second-level examination questions, haha, just the signal transformation, the spectrum analysis questions I forgot, I just made a s transformation based on my impression, and then I just drew a spectrum graph and it was OK. During the interview, the technical manager was familiar with DSP, had a good mathematical score, and had a matlab simulation. So I was recommended to do algorithm analysis, they made audio and video chips, that is, making some signal transformations and so on. I agreed, and the technology interview was easy to pass. A +, haha, and even ran to the lab, as soon as the phone arrived, an Kai notified me to occasionally go to two sides of HR, Dong Xiaodong. After drinking water, he killed me. Because of the good performance in both the technical and written examinations, hr did not ask any difficult questions, and I was able to easily crack them. During this period, hrgg poured water on me and answered the phone and told me I was sorry. I was really touched by ing! At the end of the interview, hrgg held his hand and said, "You are welcome to join us. As long as you come, we will not say no! I'm so touched. I really want to throw it and ask him to say "Big Brother !! The second offer is ready for use. It's a real victory! To be honest, the IC industry is a new and promising industry.
In a few days, shunlian technology came. A major company in Beijing made a software outsourcing company for Moto, IBM, and Nortel. The company rushed to Beijing and even ran away. Due to its lack of publicity efforts, there were not many people attending the presentation. After the presentation, I took the on-site test. I even chose C, and the question was not difficult. I got it right after three, five, and two! The next day, I received an interview notice. Although Shuai Fu Hotel is a small company, their interview is like a big company, which is somewhat similar to longxun. Two rounds of technical interviews and one round of HR interviews. The technical interview also involves the project presentation of e-paper. I want to go to this company, so I have prepared in advance, what caught me off guard was that GG had to ask Implementation Details and forced e to answer the question. I was so nervous that when I spoke E, I still spoke Chinese! Gg asked me not to be nervous. It was hard for e to cope with the problem. gg asked me about the advantages and I would say that mathematics is good! Right away, GG will take an even math question. If we know the maximum common number of two integers, We can find their least common multiples. If you think for a moment, it means that the product of two numbers is divided by their maximum common approx. Afterwards, GG asked me about Linux, uClinux, and communication. Even if I had a general understanding, I would not even know about it. At that time, I felt like I was so fierce that I had to wait for the hrjj interview after I had a hard technical experience. During the waiting period, Yi mm from their company told me that my C language test was very good. She also said that their set of questions had never been more than 70 points, I tested more than 80, which is why they asked me to come for an interview. This increased my confidence. So I felt less nervous when I communicated with hrjj via E, it is still normal to make full use of it. The third aspect is the technical aspect. If you don't feel like talking about anything, just talk about it. In this case, come back and wait for a notification. Wait till now, sweat! However, this interview laid a good foundation for Bosch's subsequent e-interview. Otherwise, I may not be able to pass Bosch hrmm's e-paper interview. Unfortunately, I finally died in the hands of a foreigner, his pronunciation is occasionally different from that of others, and even the English language is bad. It is really difficult to communicate with him. ggyy has been talking for an hour, and finally he got down!
Soon after entering March November, ZTE Huawei had a position in both Beijing and Shanghai, which naturally became my goal. ZTE's first line was Shanghai election, and basically had a chance in 90% of the Department, during the interview, it is estimated that the interviewer is tired. When I enter a simple chat, I will ask me to answer questions. First, I am C. To tell the truth, when they do questions, there is indeed pressure, now I think that I had insufficient self-confidence at the time. I have a few questions that are inaccurate. After C is done, they even took the elevation test, so they took two more SQL statements to make me correct the error, dizzy! I haven't touched it for a long time. I read it once and told them that I forgot it! Then they took out the Java questions to destroy me. Fortunately, I was prepared in advance and read many Frequently Asked Questions for Java interviews. I even met the original question. Haha, I sent it! Just think about it. After that, I asked them how I was doing. They said it was okay. Java is better than C. They also asked an inaccurate answer, but they didn't tell me, I am going to debug the machine right after I come back. Haha, I am not sure about the problem. I did the right thing, but I also made a very weak mistake! After two days, check the status of ZTE and wait for review! During the review, I was a self-controlled senior interview engineer! They did it. At the beginning, GG asked me about the working principle of the even motor, the synchronous motor speed control method, and the simulation used several models, I still can't remember the state space equation. I'm wondering, are they looking for software development ?? I caught a gap in the middle and asked him if he had graduated automatically. He nodded. No wonder! He was very humorous. He said he was going to ask you about control theory. But in view of the time relationship, let's ask again. It's estimated that you are sweating! Haha, he even sweated without asking him. Then, he smiled! Finally, GG gave me a mental question about the role of a pen. I was so blind at the time that I could say that I could use a straight ruler to draw a straight line and beat people, and can also be burned as a wooden stick, Cloud. I don't know what his expected answer is. I am confused with him! The two sides are finally finished, and I even sweated out! I checked my resume on the second day after I came back, waiting for employment, yeah. I even passed the examination!
In early September, I also invested in Emerson's single board development. This is the first and only hardware design, both the model power and a little control theory, as well as single-chip microcomputer and 232 communication, although I have not prepared much, but the test is easy to pass. Haha, the first technical aspect is very funny, just say it myself, when talking about the project he was doing, I even drew a control system diagram for him. I spoke to the diagram. Well, he finally asked him about the top map of the inverter bridge. This is simple and can be done, after two days, I noticed the problem on both sides. I did an iqiq test for half an hour. However, there were a lot of questions. It was so exciting that every nervous system was quite tight, I think it's just like doing it. The two sides are hrjj. It's pretty good to be a master and sister of the martial arts university, and it's not difficult for me. The third side is an interview with a technical master, which is basically an even lecture, no questions
After the interview in the afternoon, I will be notified of the offer in the evening. I will go to the morning for a health check the next day. In the afternoon, they will have dinner. Everything is lightning fast and I will sell myself without knowing it !!
In the past few days, ZTE, Emerson, and Huawei have been running around for a week!
The details are summarized as follows:
Resume B4: Lenovo, Beijing Xinwei, Guangdong Telecom Beijing Research Institute
B4: Guangdong beidian Microsoft Jinshan NEC
Test without message: ABB Siemens
Interview Abandonment: 715 Tsinghua
B4: Qingdao longxun Beijing Qilin software Beijing technology Bosch
Offer: Shante ZTE Emerson ankai
Final contract: Emerson

The revolution is not yet successful, and comrades still have to work hard!

Article 2: Huawei

I received a written examination email from huasan the night before. I suddenly felt a little nervous when I stepped onto the West 12 this morning. I thought I was just trying it out. Is that true? I used to have a hundred battles !~ Maybe you are too concerned.

I walked into the test room, checked my identity, and sat down at the back of the room. I felt a little guilty. I was afraid that my classmates would see me again! :( At last, we waited until, but when we looked around, the people present were so thin that they did not fill the classroom. It is estimated that the staff had a hard time thinking. In order to take care of the face, the staff said that there were only two people in each row. Haha, lie to the children! I finally saw the long-overdue exam. I scanned the exam. I had 50 + 10 choice questions. The first seven were C Programs and the last three math questions. It's easy to handle. There are two fill-in questions in the middle, each fill in three blank, question 1 is to compare the size of the two input strings, simple. Question 2: Fill in program comments to perform operations on the memory, such as checking memory overflow and Memory leakage to avoid generating wild pointers. The following are two comprehensive questions. Question 1: Write a c program function and convert an integer to a 4-digit string; question 2: a solution is required to solve the problem that resources cannot be released due to no response from the proxy server. The question is simple. I used to imitate the algorithm of TCP virtual circuit connection. I wrote my own ideas and main steps, and I thought it would not be too far away!

There are ten minutes left after these questions are completed. There are also 10 questions for multiple choice: Communication Knowledge and additional questions. They are all about the network. They are only about the data link layer and the network layer, after all, huasan is mainly engaged in data communication. What does it take? Fortunately, the first two days of the attack, due to multiple choices, there are a few inaccurate. But in general, I feel good and should be able to enter the interview! Look forward, wish !!

Be patient when looking for a job. This is my experience! I went for an interview at yesterday. I entered a table on both sides at and spent most of the time in the middle of the table: (but compared with a classmate, he had a face at four o'clock P.M., And it was ten o'clock in the evening. A word, sweat !! However, H3C is still a good practice. If one of them fails, they will notify you in time and let you go back to avoid waiting for white.

First, there were some technical challenges. After a brief introduction, technology Gg began to launch a technical attack. First, I asked the difference between pointer functions and function pointers, europe hates this type of Tongue Twister. Instead of a pointer, the pointer points to a function, and the other is a function. A pointer is returned! A simple sentence refers to the relationship with the subject. Haha, but at that time, it was a little nervous! Then the technology Gg threw out another problem: how to implement a one-way linked list and quickly search for it. I immediately thought of the binary search of the array, and told him to add a data item to the single-chain table to represent its serial number, and then use the Binary Search Algorithm of the array to start searching. Technical Gg's occasional mistake: If you want to change the linked list to insert or delete it, It is very troublesome to change the serial number, and the one-way linked list has a condition to arrange the order, alas! This can be difficult for me! (After a short while, the technology Gg says with a smile to help you reduce the difficulty. Assuming that a single-chain table is sorted in order, even if you haven't given up the second-point search, I will reply, regular search refers to the shift of one pointer and one digit. I can move several more digits at a time and narrow down the search scope. Technical Gg asked me what the benefits of doing so, even though it can reduce the number of comparisons, he thought about it and said, well, this method is good. I'm just trying to smile. Does he ask if there are other methods? Even dizzy, not to let it go !! Even the answer is, you should be able to convert a single-chain table into a sorting binary tree. It is easy to search, insert, delete, and so on! After listening to the technology, GG gave me some thought and said, well, this method is good! Then we have to wait for two sides!

On the other hand, there are general issues on the HR level. What do you think of me? Your career plans? Can you go to work in advance? Cloud cloud! After the two sides are completed, a table has been filled in, and it is not early to be notified. The three sides will continue tomorrow morning.

This morning, I got up at. I got up at and got ready for the last part. At first glance, the door was not opened yet. There was only one interview mm waiting! They were on time. At, they finally saw the staff! I said it was an interview at, but the interviewer on three sides was delayed and finally waited. After an hour, I heard my name and followed the interviewer at the specified position, the interviewer's mobile phone rang, and I was so dizzy that I had to make a call in the middle! At this time, my stomach is already drumming, alas! After a dozen minutes, I finally finished my phone call, started the interview, and introduced my project. He did not ask me carefully because he was not doing the same thing, and then he had his own advantages, is there another question about Huawei? I honestly answered the question. He asked the result and even said four sides. He didn't go because he was assigned to the IT department and wanted to build software! Alas, I have never heard of anyone else answering this question. Will it be caused by this question? Hopefully not! The last step is to select a work location and even answer Beijing. He asked, why, answer, because mm is in Beijing! Then I will be back and wait for Friday's notice!

The entire three rounds are down, just one word! What's different from other companies is that they have never asked him a single question, and they have never been sorry for it for so long. Alas, I don't know why, recruiters and applicants should be equal! Maybe their time is too short. It's not a matter of detail!

The only concern is whether they will wait for occasional defaults. The school defaults until New Year's Day !!

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