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Today is actually the first day being a inter in Microsoft.

Yesterday, I haven't do anything, just Walke here and there to search things. the afternoon, just watch a video for WCF, The simpliest video. I only know what the author is doing, but I don't know why. than I get the book programming WCF services, then read it for a short time, I really don't know how I can get my hand in.

Today is much better, but not so good, although I have read the book for more than 4 hour, and learned the Quick Start for more than 5 hour, but I still feel I know nothing about WCF. I cann't always know what the code I'm typing is, and why I typing it. OK useless sentences is so long.

* ******************************* Gorgeous dividing line **** **************************************** *****

today I met a exception which is "xamlparseexception was unhandled ". the below: "'The invocation of the constructor on type' northwindclient. mainwindow 'that matches the specified binding constraints threw an exception. 'line number '3' and line position '5 '. "This error means there was a runtime error parsing the XAML code. to get the real failure Rion you shoshould activatte the catch of all thrown In exceptions in visual strdio. open debug> exceptions and activate the checkbox in the "thrown" column for "common labguage runtime exceptions ". done so, Visual Studio will halt on all exceptions. my real reason is I have use a SBC case colon... I asked my mentor the stupid question, what a shame...

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