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A reboot BAT file should be applicable in all Windows systems

Date: 2002-1-13 18:34:39

@ Echo off
Echo welcome to
CD/d % Temp %
Echo [version]> Reboot. inf
Set INF = installhinfsection defaultinstall
Echo Signature = $ Chicago $> Reboot. inf
Echo [defainstall install]> Reboot. inf
Rundll32 setupapi, % INF % 1% TEMP %/reboot. inf
Del reboot. inf

Date: 2002-1-13 18:34:21

In Linux, there is a command called which, which can find and display the directory where a command is located in path.

In Linux:

[Adam @ isbase Adam] $ which ls


[Adam @ isbase Adam] $ which RM


In NT resource kitthere is a where.exe, which has the same effect, but a set of resource kit costs $300. Here we can make a batch file to implement this function.

Use NotePad to edit a which. BAT file and store it in the WINNT directory or another path variable. The content of the batch file is as follows:

@ Echo off

Rem check command line parameters

If {% 1 }={} Goto: Usage

For % I in ({{/ {-) do if {% 1 }=%% I ?} Goto: usage % I


: REM checks the current directory to check whether the file exists.

For % I in (% 1) do if exist % ~ NX % I (

Echo % ~ Fi

Goto: EOF


: REM checks the file in Path

For % I in (% 1) Do (

If exist % ~ $ Path: I (

Echo % ~ $ Path: I

) Else (

Echo error: % 1 is not in the path !!!

Goto: Usage



Goto: EOF

: Usage




Echo input file description, returns the full path of the file!


Let's test our program:

Microsoft Windows 2000 [version 5.00.2195]

(C) Copyright 1985-1998 Microsoft Corp.

C:/> which


Enter the file name and return the full path of the file!

C:/> which cmd.exe



OK. The test is successful!

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