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His son started running from Monday 7.2. At Am, he almost dragged him from bed to the sofa in the living room. He was in a half-awake state and was reluctant to run. then, with great patience, I let him go to the park and start to run. but when I ran less than 500 steps, I shouted and couldn't stand it, and began to burst into sweat. Then I almost finished the rest of the journey. Fortunately, I insisted on completing it. I had to accompany him all the way.

Yesterday morning, I was reluctant to get up. After I got him on the sofa, I took out his new running shoes and put them on for him. But he was still half-awake and unwilling to go running, when I almost gave up, I insisted on one more sentence and asked him to go downstairs and walk for a while. I didn't expect him to agree. after arriving at the park, he had to reduce the discomfort caused by running fatigue and how many steps he had taken while running. However, how far did he last run? unexpectedly, it was quite useful, it is much less than the journey we took the day before yesterday. when I got home, I used a draft paper and a red pencil to give him a Commendation Award.


This morning, he got up in a much better state. After a few mouthfuls of water, he drove me to the park. he said that the running shoes were very lightweight like a tornado. today, he still runs the number of edges, but the whole process is almost all run down, and the progress is indeed not small. then I got back to my house after I used my equipment for a while in the fitness area. before going out to work, I wrote a word of praise on the draft with a red pen. I hope he will be better tomorrow!

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