Song Libo: What is the difference between "e-market" and "software store" in APP promotion?

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There are many people in the app circle who mistakenly think that "e-market" is the same concept as "software store", but it is not; "e-market" is like early market, if you have paid the admission management fee, you can sell dishes or whatever you want, or even pickles. The Morning Market Management Department does not require you to buy food quality. At most, multiple fair scales are provided;

The "software store" is like the current supermarket, with strict cargo management, focusing on customers and reputation;The supermarket can be purchased, which is the same as the app recommendation location in the software store.The store can also ask the developer to specify the access talents of an advertisement SDK to be shelved. It is very likely to charge a management fee or channel fee on a regular basis. However, I hope that, the software store can discover users of different levels, so as to work hard on value-added business income.

Some users refuse to use the mobile phone software implanted with advertisements, and feel that the software store is unreasonable. In fact, how can a software store survive without advertisement? Just like the items currently available in supermarkets, consumers can take them all for free. Why can't supermarkets put advertisement posters in their items?

Channel sink:, aggregates all the mainstream channels of APP promotion, software store, mobile assistant, advertising platform, app download site, and open platform;

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