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Favorite One: Everybody konws I love you

1 Amy diamond-it's my life
2 Angela ammons-always getting over you
3 Angela ammons-big girl
4 Ashley Tisdale-love me for me-music cafe
5 Atomic Kitten-if you come to me
6 Atomic Kitten-nothing in the world
7 briney spears-everytime
8 Britney Spears-girl in the mirror
9 Britney Spears-pertty boy
10 Britney Spears-sometimes
11 briney spears-walk on
12 Delta goodrem-lost without you
13 Demi Lovato-this is me
14 Gareth Gates-anyone of us
15 Groove Coverage-God is a girl
16 Groove Coverage-the end
17 Hayden Panettiere-I still believe
18 heartbeats-Amy Diamond
19 I still believe in love
20 Jesse McCartney-the best day of my life
21 jo de la Rosa-honestly
22 Kelly Clarkson-because of you
23 Kelly Mack-one last time-awesome voice in Europe and America
24 ene marlin-another day
25 ene marlin-My lucky day
26 ene marlin-Unforgivable Sinner
27 ene marlin-where I'm headed
28 Maria Arredondo-burning
29 Maria Arredondo-cross every river
30 Maria Arredondo-that day
31 Natasha Thomas-Save your kisses for me
32 Natasha Thomas-skin deep
33 Sibel-maybe someday
34 Taylor Swift-back to December
35 Westlife-if I let you go
36 Westlife-my love
37 Westlife-that is why you go away
38 uger boys-one in love
39 Feng weiyun-shining friends-English. LRC
40 nice English songs-big world
41 nice English songs-taste
42. Guo caijie-I remember
43 English-Thank you for your love affair-English version of classic Chinese songs
Katy Perry-Roar seems to have won the award.

Katy Perry-dark horse is a little strange but nice.
Cece Frey-Let It Go ice and snow romance theme song, animation self-feeling general theme song is unexpectedly nice

Tegan and Sara-I was a fool not many German combination songs, but they are nice to hear
Rita Ora-I will never let you down a cheerful song
Luara-Christmas wish the song from the last Christmas. Several of her singles are awesome.
Luara-Story: When the piano starts to sound, you will stop for her. Lura is 2013 new singer
Sara Bareilles-brave, a well-paced song that you should like
Alicia Keys-it's on again Amazing Spider 2 theme song. I should be familiar with this song.
Ke $ ha-Pitbull: I don't know what to say. You can try it and don't know if you like it. But I like it very much.
Taylor Swift-I knew you were trouble a passionate song
Taylor Swift-RED: I don't remember whether this song is 2013 or 2012. It sounds nice.
Pharrell Williams-happy has won the top 10 rankings recently
Let's just give it to me.

Songs to listen

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