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The last time I went to Huangshan, I didn't go to hongcun. I didn't miss it this time. I felt the profound connotation of Huizhou culture.

The whole macro village is such an old house, which is so attractive. There is water at the door of every family member in hongcun. It is said that it was designed according to the instructions of Mr. Feng Shui. It has a unique "Ox Village" shape-"The Mountain is the horn of the ox tree, the bridge is a four-step house ". Only those who come to hongcun can feel it. It's a treasure!

The narrow alleys only allow one person to pass through, and there will be a 1 m² or so prominent place where necessary, mainly used for "intersection. Some local snacks may be sold on the side of a slightly larger alley, and a horse ran out next to it by accident, which scared us a lot.

In the famous residence "Chengzhi Tang", beams, columns, and windows are all finely crafted and magnificent, forming a perfect artistic whole. The dust of years in the wood carving record the traces of the previous life of this host. I almost stuck my camera to the window, pressed the shutter, and quietly felt this history. Only then can we see the impact of the ancient history on our hearts.

Many people have hams hanging at their doorways, reminding me of my childhood in Zhujiajiao and jiantang ......

Another characteristic of hongcun is water beauty. The water area is not large, but it is very special. It has a kind of spiritual beauty. According to the tour guide, the villagers' drinking water, washing food, laundry and so on all have their own prescribed time, so they will not be confused. This is not easy for the villagers before 800.

The beauty at the pond side is recording the beautiful scenery with the paint brush in her hand, and I will record this moment with my camera. Haha!

I took a panoramic view of the water, and the people in the village lived a simple, quiet, and comfortable life here.

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