Sony VAIO notebook entry BIOS tips

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In the computer field, the BIOS is the abbreviation of "Basic Input Output system", which is the same as the first reading method. Computer users in the process of using a computer, will be in contact with the BIOS from the beginning, it plays a very important role in the computer system. Whether a motherboard is superior in performance or not depends largely on the advanced BIOS management features on the motherboard.

The BIOS setup program is stored in the BIOS chip, the BIOS chip is a rectangular or square chip on the motherboard, can only be set when the power-on. (typically press F2 or delete to enter the BIOS setup when the computer starts.) Some special models press F1, ESC, F12, etc. CMOS is mainly used to store the parameters and data set by the BIOS setup program, and the BIOS setup program mainly manages and sets the basic input and output system of the computer, which makes the system run in the best state, Using the BIOS setup program can also troubleshoot system failures or diagnose system problems.

You know, different brand notebook computer boot into the BIOS shortcut keys are different, or even, the same brand of various series of laptops, boot into the BIOS method will be different, today for everyone to bring Sony VAIO notebook into the BIOS skills.

Sony VAIO notebook entry BIOS tips:

After the Vaio laptop screen displays the boot Sony icon (or the Vaio icon), make sure the hard drive LEDs are lit. If the [F2] key is pressed when the hard drive light is lit, the BIOS setup program will be started on the Vaio laptop, and the BIOS setup interface is displayed on the screen.

Use the Vgn-u series Vaio notebook If you do not have an external keyboard attached, press the Rotate (center) button when the Power-on Vaio icon is displayed. When the BIOS setup program is started, the BIOS setup interface is displayed.

Note: Some models of the VAIO notebook computer display the power-on Sony icon (or Vaio icon), a few seconds after the hardware led will be lit, the screen will display the BIOS setup interface.

In addition, continuous click or hold down the [F2] key will increase the system running load, will cause the BIOS program processing when the exception, the computer running speed will slow, resulting in the system can not respond.

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