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Obviously, after the advent of the Windows 8 system, the major PC manufacturers have mixed design products as a new profit growth point, and the Haswell processor to bring the long-term endurance of this or tablet, or notebook products have more practical value. Among them, Sony once focused on the slide-in tablet/notebook two-in-one product, but its complex design has not been a consumer pro-gaze, so the company has finally returned to the more traditional win 8 tablet area, the introduction of the ultra-thin body of the Vaio Tap 11.

Interestingly, the design language of the VAIO Tap 11 is similar to Microsoft Surface, with built-in brackets, a magnetic external keyboard, and a keyboard that starts at $799 (about RMB 4881), which is $200 cheaper than surface Pro 2, and looks like a great bargain.

Exterior design

In the face of Sony Vaio Tap 11 o'clock, we can not help asking: is thin more important or material more important? I don't know what you think. All in all, in order to minimize the weight of the Vaio Tap 11, Sony used a cheaper general plastic casing, so the fuselage is only 0.77 kg, 9.9 mm thick, for a built-in Intel Core i5 level of the 11-inch Windows 8 tablet, its stature is very impressive.

The casing and workmanship feel relatively inexpensive

Of course, the cheap plastic shell will create some potential problems, such as when you press the Start button, you can even see the gap between the shell and the glass, in addition to the SIM card, the USB 3.0 interface part of the dust groove is also very fragile, worrying whether durable; There are also some exposed screws on the fuselage, which makes it seem as if Sony has always been delicate.

Stent design is much better than Microsoft surface

However, while the materials and workmanship are not as fine as the previous Sony products, the VAIO Tap 11 backs are far more usable than surface. This bracket can support multiple angles, while the bottom is designed with rubber pads that can be placed very firmly on the plane, and it is because of this rubber mat that putting the Vaio Tap 11 on the leg is not very uncomfortable.

Finally, the VAIO Tap 11 is also equipped with a variety of popular connection methods, including 802.11 n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, SIM card and Intel wireless display, the scalability is very good.


Sony VAIO Tap 11 keyboard and Microsoft surface very similar, by magnetic fixed at the bottom (working form of Bluetooth), the key design makes it easy to associate with the Vaio notebook, although the keys are relatively flat, but the spacing is moderate, typing feel good. In addition, the keyboard is also designed with a switch, and also has led indicators to show whether Bluetooth is working properly.

This keyboard also generously designed the touchpad, very practical, can achieve some tactile feedback effect, but the touch button is relatively small, so as far as possible in the leftmost or most right to use to accurately achieve the right and left key rub.

Display and sound

The Sony VAIO Tap 11 features a 11-inch 1080P Full HD touchscreen with exclusive Triluminos technology for an excellent overall display and a great viewing angle. However, the touchscreen operation was somewhat inaccurate, and Sony said it would issue a firmware update to resolve the problem when the machine was officially listed.

In addition, the use of the stylus is satisfying, even on the engineering prototype. However, Sony uses N-trig handwriting technology rather than the familiar wacom, but the actual use of the effect is not very different, the pressure sensitivity is much better than expected.

Performance and battery life

Performance Test Comparison

As for performance, the Core i5 version of the Sony VAIO Tap 11 is a little less than the mainstream of the ultra-polar, because the processor model is a low-voltage version. In addition, the SSD write speed is slow, only 139mb/s, to some extent, also affect the performance of the play.

Battery life Test Comparison

As for battery life, although Sony does not explicitly watch the Vaio Tap 11, we expect it to be comparable to Surface Pro or Asus Taichi 21. It turns out that the 3800mAh lithium battery can achieve 5 hours and 14 minutes of video playback (connected to WiFi, screen brightness fixed), compared to Surface Pro or Asus Taichi 21 has 20% additional endurance, performance is satisfactory. Of course, because the built-in battery capacity is not as large as the average, so the battery life is not up to 8 or 9 hours, but it is used as a flat plate outdoors, or completely enough.

Software and warranty

Sony VAIO Tap 11 includes a large number of in-house software, including some multimedia entertainment and control centers, as well as a 1-year warranty and 24-hour telephone service.

Optional configurations and competitive models

As mentioned earlier, the price of Sony Vaio Tap 11 seems to be cheaper than Microsoft Surface Pro 2, which is actually a small smart for Sony. The basic configuration, priced at $799 (about RMB 4881), is only available with the Intel Pentium 3560 Y processor, so the price is lower and you can choose the core i3-4020y or i5-4210y version. Among them, the Core i5 version is priced at $1100 (about 6711 yuan), including 128GB SSDs and 4GB of memory, and the price is comparable to 128GB of surface Pro 2. Storage, in addition to 128GB solid-state drives, can also be optional 256GB or 512GB.

Sony VAIO Tap 11 's biggest competitor is naturally Microsoft Surface Pro 2, which has a higher starting price but better configuration, but the keyboard needs to be purchased separately. In addition, Dell's latest venue-One Pro is also available for reference, with a 10.8-inch 1080P screen that also supports stylus input and, interestingly enough, also has a cheap Bay Trail processor version. In addition, the removable battery is designed to achieve a 10-hour endurance.


Obviously, Sony has used a bright-eyed introductory price very intelligently this time, making Vaio Tap 11 look more valuable, which is actually still a digital game on the configuration. But it is undeniable that it has a slimmer appearance, more comfortable design, 1080P screen and mainstream performance can also bring a good experience. So, we think that the Vaio Tap 11 compared to surface Pro 2, more suitable for the beginning of the consumer, of course, the price of the machine still has a decline in space, interested friends may wish to wait for a while after the listing.

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