Sorrow for sharing software programmers in China

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A friend downloaded a shared software named "Perfect Uninstall" and tried to crack it to continue using it. However, after installing it, he saw the following passage of the author and said he felt embarrassed.

Dear expert:

Hello. Wang Jianfeng, author of this software, I am an ordinary middle school teacher and a computer software enthusiast. I only have a salary of over five hundred RMB per month. Out of my hobbies in computer science, I spent a year paying for an outdated piII. However, I have been very extravagant for just one year at work. Recently, my lover gave birth to a baby for me. Her old man needs 30 oceans of milk powder, but now she is still young. She needs to eat hundreds of oceans a month later, I had to face up and ask the user for the registration fee. The connection was cracked by experts in several versions. On the one hand, they admired the capabilities of the experts, and on the other hand, they begged the experts not to crack any more. Now there are not many registered accounts, and we have to write this out of financial embarrassment.

(Wang Jianfeng Phone: 0317-6720520 (no money to buy mobile phone)

Appeal: ask your friends to support me a lot; otherwise, only development stops !)
If you do not believe that my salary is low, you can call 0317-6721538 to query Wang Jianfeng's salary.
If you do not believe that my family has a baby, you can call 0317-6720520 to hear the baby cry.

I really think there is no hope for sharing software in China ......

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