Sorrow on the string

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Is the sky on your side very blue?
I think so.
Is your heart sad?
I don't know. It's just a moment of sorrow,
Silk, like a dry wave.

How cold is your dream?
I think so.
When the night is quiet and the heart is speechless,
The tide in your eyes is like a mirror.

Jiang entered the vast ocean,
At this moment, the endless sorrow,
The one that overflows your eyes is the most awkward and thick,
The broken heart ......

Believe me at that time,
You are a little clever,
Flat your face, and suck your tears,
Kiss the spirit of the wind on your forehead.
Then, WAF you and sit there,
It was burned by the rain for thousands of years, and the weathering was still on the Cold Rock,
Watching, the cold and cold night is gone,
Enter Dawn.

Can you stop the cold night,
Draw the strings of your sorrow,
The lake in your heart overflows your eyes,
After waking up,
Relying on the hope of the dark,
It's like the flowers in the water.

Are you sure you want to close your blood,
Attack and want to embrace the lies in the wind and empty love.
Can you stop ......
Because now, I cannot use real hands,
Hold your tears, because in reality,
I cannot use thin shoulders to fulfill all your grief.

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