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In the afternoon, I received a text message from my classmates asking me to call him back.
Hua: "I have been living outside for the past few days. Is there anything wrong with my brother ?"
Me: "No, it's good. It's no different from before. What's wrong ?"
Hua: "My younger brother called his mother and said that someone who lives here seems to dislike him. Then his mother told me about this and my mother told me about it again ."
Me: "No, right ?!"
Hua: "Are there any abnormal actions in the past two days ?"
Me: "No. As he sat there all day, he began to play CS, and no one came to his nest ."
I thought back to my actions over the past few days and thought that the problem might be with me.
In fact, after a year in Fuzhou in the past few years, there was a problem. After a while, you will always feel bad because of some things. When you are in a bad mood, you will not be satisfied with anyone you meet. At ordinary times, I have little to say. In this situation, I simply don't talk, and even have a blind eye. During this time, the company was very busy and basically engaged in physical activity, so it was not very interested. I just encountered some things, so I fell into this status.
Every time you fall into this state, you can realize the terrible thing, but it is very difficult to come out. The same is true this time. Knowing that you are in a wrong mood may affect others, but you cannot control your behavior.
My classmates and friends stayed with me for a long time, and most of them didn't care too much. However, after all, my younger brother had only been here for two months and would inevitably think that my behavior was abandoning him.
Here, I would like to say to him: "If my behavior hurts you, I am really sorry! I have nothing to do with it. You are the younger brother of my classmates, and I regard you as my younger brother. All of this is because of my bad mood. I really don't care. Sorry !! Just give me some time, hoping to get out of this kind of emotion as soon as possible ."

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