Sort by file splitting and merging

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Python code # output sorted result sort-o result. out video.txt # split the fields by ': 'sort-t:-r video.txt # test whether it has been sorted sort-c video.txt # sort by 2nd field sort-t: + 1 video.txt # sort 3rd field using ascii order sort-t: + 2 video.txt sort-t:-k3 video.txt # sort 3rd field using number order sort-t: + 2n video.txt sort-t:-k3n video.txt # uniq sort-u video.txt # sort 4th field, then sort 1st field sort-t: -k4-k1 video.txt # sort + field_number.characters_in # sort 2nd filed, ining with 3rd character sort-t: + 1.2 video.txt # list all unix users cat/etc/passwd | sort-t: + 0 | awk-F ":" '{print $1}' # only not duplicate. here, sort is recommendable sort video.txt | uniq-u # only duplicate sort video.txt | uniq-d # count dulicate times sort video.txt | uniq-c # join, the files must have a common content; the fields must be splited by single tab or space join [options] input-file1 input-file2-an n, the number of files. -a1, means joining files based on file 1-o n. m n, the number of file; m, the number of field. -o 1.3, means display field 3 of file 1-jn m n, the number of file; m, the number of field. -t delimiter # join cross join names.txt town.txt # mismatch connections, join all join-a1-a2 names.txt town.txt # base on file1, join all join-a1 names.txt town.txt # selective join-o 1.1, 2.2 names.txt town.txt # different field join # extract 3rd field of file 1, 2nd field of file 2, then join them together join-j1 3-j2 2 file1 file2 cat pers P. jones Office Runner ID897 S. round UNIX admin ID666 L. clip Personl Chief ID982 cat pers2 Dept2C ID897 6 years Dept3S ID666 2 years Dept5Z ID982 1 year join-j1 4-j2 2 pers2 ID897 P. jones Office Runner Dept2C 6 years ID666 S. round UNIX admin Dept3S 2 years ID982 L. clip Personl Chief Dept5Z 1 year # cut [options] file1 file2-c LIST, select only these characters-f LIST, select only these fields-d, delimiter cut-d: -f4 pers cut-d:-f1, 3 pers cut-d:-f1-3 pers cut-d:-f1, 6/etc/passwd # file permision ls-l | cut-c1-10 # paste-d-s-file1 file2-d, delimiter-s, paste one file at a time instead of in parallel paste-d: pas1 pas2 # list file name, 3 files each row ls | paste-d ""---# list file name, ls-l | awk 'nf> 3 {print $8} 'ls | paste-d ""-# split-output_file_size input-filename output-filename-output_file_size, default 1000 lines output-filename, default x [aa]-> x [zz]

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