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Date_default_timezone_set (PRC);/* set the time to Beijing Time, and php5 is the Greenwich Mean Time by default */
Date ()
A: "am" or "pm"
A: "AM" or "PM"
D: day (s), double-digit number. If it is not enough, it will be zero. From "01" to "31"
D: The day of the week. Three English letters, for example, "Fri"
F: Month, full English name, for example, "January"
H: hour in 12-hour format, from "01" to "12"
H: hour in 24-hour format, from "00" to "23"
G: The hour in 12-hour format. The value ranges from "1" to "12"
G: The hour in the 24-hour format. The value ranges from 0 to 23"
J: a few days. The number of days from "1" to "31" is not zero"
L: the day of the week. Full English name, for example, "Friday"
M: Month, double digit, from "01" to "12"
N: Month, double digit, not zero; from "1" to "12"
M: month, 3 English letters; for example: "Jan"
S: seconds; from "00" to "59"
S: The end of the word is followed by an English ordinal number. There are two English letters, for example, "21th"
T: specifies the number of days in a month, from "28" to "31"
U: Total number of seconds
W: number of weeks, from "0 (Sunday)" to "6 (Saturday )"
Y: year, four digits
Y: year, double digit
Z: The day of the year; from "1" to "366"
========================================================== ======================================
1, year-month-day
Y indicates that the year can be in uppercase or lowercase y;
Indicates that the month can be written in uppercase letters (F), uppercase letters (M), lowercase letters (m), and lowercase letters (n );
Indicates the date suffix.
Echo date ('Y-m-J ');
Echo date ('Y-n-J ');
Uppercase Y indicates four digits of the year, while lowercase y indicates two digits of the year;
Lowercase m indicates the number of the month (with the leading digit), while lowercase n indicates the number of the month without the leading digit.
Echo date ('Y-M-J ');
Echo date ('Y-m-d ');
Uppercase M indicates the three abbreviations of the month, while lowercase m indicates the number of the month (with leading 0 );
There is no upper-case J. only lower-case j indicates the date of the month, and there is no leading o. If the month needs to have the upper-case J, the lower-case d is used.
Echo date ('Y-M-J ');
Echo date ('Y-F-js ');
Uppercase M indicates the three abbreviated characters of the month, while uppercase F indicates the full English Writing of the month. (No lower case f)
Uppercase S indicates the suffix of a date, such as "st", "nd", "rd", and "th". For details, see the date number.
2, hour: minute: Second
By default, PHP interprets the display time as "Greenwich Mean Time", which is 8 hours different from our local time.
Echo date ('G: I: s ');
5:56:57 am
Echo date ('H: I: s ');
05:56:57 AM
Lowercase g indicates the 12-hour system, with no leading 0, while lowercase h indicates the 12-hour system with leading 0.
When the 12-hour format is used, it indicates that upper afternoon, lower case a indicates lower case "am" and "pm", and upper case A indicates upper case "AM" and "PM ".
Echo date ('G: I: s ');
Uppercase G indicates the number of hours in the 24-hour format, but does not contain the leading value. uppercase H indicates the number of hours in the 24-hour format.
The letter g indicates that the hour does not contain a leading character, and the letter h indicates that the hour contains a leading character;
Lowercase g and h are in 12-hour format, while uppercase G and H are in 24-hour format.
3, leap year, week, day
Echo date ('l ');
This year's leap year: 0
Echo date ('l ');
Today is: Tuesday
Echo date ('D ');
Today is: Tue
Capital L indicates whether to determine the leap year Of The Year. If it is true, 1 is returned; otherwise, 0 is returned;
Lowercase l indicates the day of the week in full (Tuesday );
However, uppercase D is used to represent the three abbreviation of the day of the week (Tue ).
Echo date ('W ');
Today's week: 2
Echo date ('W ');
This week is the 06th week of the year.
Lowercase w indicates the day of the week, expressed in numbers
In upper case, W indicates the number of weeks in a year.
Echo date ('T ');
This month is 28 days
Echo date ('Z ');
Today is the 36th day of this year
Lowercase t indicates the number of days in the current month
Lowercase z indicates that today is the day of the year
4. Others
Echo date ('T ');
Uppercase T indicates the time zone setting of the server
Echo date ('I ');
If I is used to determine whether the current value is success, 1 is returned for true. Otherwise, 0 is returned.
Echo date ('U ');
The upper-case u table shows the total number of seconds from January 1, January 1, 1970 to the present, which is the Unix timestamp of the UNIX time era.
Echo date ('C ');
2007-02-06T14: 24: 43 + 00: 00
Lowercase c Represents the ISO8601 date, the date format is YYYY-MM-DD, with the letter T to interval the date and time, the time format is HH: MM: SS, the time zone uses Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
Echo date ('R ');
Tue, 06 Feb 2007 14:25:52 + 0000
Lowercase r indicates the RFC822 date.
5. format the time
Echo $ row ["t_time"]; returns 12:08:00
Echo date ("Y-m-d", strtotime ($ row ["t_time"]); returns
Note: because the time obtained by $ row ["t_time"] is already a string, you need to use strtotime (string to timestamp) to convert it. Otherwise, the error-01-01 will be output.

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