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WxWidgets-open-source cross-platform GUI toolkit, not only cross-platform, but also cross-language: C ++, Python, Perl, and C #/. net
The basic implementation is C/C ++, and other language implementations are based on the C/C ++ version:
For Python: wxpython
For Perl: wxperl
For. Net: WX. net
Many C-based controls are available in Web browsers. However, many c ++-based controls have not been ported (packaged)
Coming in, the performance is also very strong, it is worth looking forward)
For Java: jwx! (This is something that has just come out recently. It seems that windows is not supported currently)

WxWidgets also has some ide tools (based on wxWidgets), wxdesigner, and some wxpython-based tools, which won't be detailed here.

What does wx mean?
I have learned that 4 in log4net represents four (for), that is, log for net.
Some open-source tools include two (to), which is XXX to yyy.
What is wx? Who can help me solve this problem ~

Other things of interest:
Harmony-open source Java SE

Recently, I became interested in Python and C/C ++/CLI again. I don't know how many times I 've been enthusiastic about C ++, but I can't help it every time.
Sort out the learning directions:
1. Familiar with and familiar with J2EE and Java, JSP and servlet.
2. Familiarize yourself with Oracle, tomcat, and other tools as soon as possible to lay a solid foundation for J2EE development.
3. Try. NET Framework 3.0, WPF, WCP; XAML.
4. Compare the differences and advantages and disadvantages between JSP and ASP. NET.
5. Put aside other technologies of interest and collect data first.

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