Sort out some PHP development security issues and php development security issues

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Sort out some PHP development security issues and php development security issues

Sort out some PHP development security issues

Php provides developers with great flexibility, but it also brings potential risks to security issues. We need to summarize the previous problems in the near future, here, I would like to summarize some of my development feelings by translating an article.

Introduction when developing an Internet service, you must always keep in mind the security concept and embody it in the developed code. The PHP scripting language is not concerned with security issues, especially for most inexperienced developers. Every time you talk about any transactions involving money and transactions, you need to pay special attention to security issues, such as developing a forum or a shopping cart.

General points of security protection do not trust the form

For general Javascript front-end verification, the user's behavior cannot be known, for example, the javascript engine of the browser is closed, so that malicious data is sent to the server through POST. Verify the data transmitted to each php script on the server to prevent XSS attacks and SQL injection.

Do not trust users

Assume that every piece of data received by your website has malicious code and hidden threats. Clean up every piece of data.

Disable global variables

Configure the following in the php. ini file:

register_globals = Off

If this configuration option is enabled, there will be a great security risk. For example, a script file of process. php inserts the received data into the database. The form for receiving user input data may be as follows:

<input name="username" type="text" size="15" maxlength="64">

In this way, when the data is submitted to the process. php registers a $ username variable and submits the variable data to process. php. This variable is set for any POST or GET request parameters. The following problem occurs if Initialization is not performed on the display (refer to:

<?php// Define $authorized = true only if user is authenticatedif (authenticated_user()) {    $authorized = true;}?>

Assume that the authenticated_user function is used to determine the value of the $ authorized variable. If the register_globals configuration is enabled, any user can send a request, to set the value of the $ authorized variable to any value to bypass this verification.

All the submitted data should be obtained through the predefined Global Array of PHP, including $ _ POST, $ _ GET, $ _ FILES, $ _ SERVER, and $ _ REQUEST, $ _ REQUEST is a federated variable of $ _ GET/$ _ POST/$ _ COOKIE arrays. The default sequence is $ _ COOKIE, $ _ POST, and $ _ GET.

Recommended Security Configuration Options

Error_reporting is set to Off: do not expose error information to users. You can set it to ON during development.

Set safe_mode to Off.

Set register_globals to Off.

Disable the following functions: system, exec, passthru, shell_exec, proc_open, and popen.

Open_basedir is set to/tmp, so that session information can be stored and a separate website root directory can be set.

Set expose_php to Off

Set allow_url_fopen to Off.

Set allow_url_include to Off.

SQL injection attacks require special security when operating database SQL statements, because users may enter specific statements to change the functions of the original SQL statements. For example:

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