Sorting 1--Common database problems in Elite District

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The Essence | data | database | Question 01. How to solve the problem of special characters in database query execution
02. Pocket Database Connection Inquiry Manual
03.ADO error code corresponding to the meaning
04.Recordset Object Method Detailed
05. "Error not indicated"--one reason for connection string (80004005, first access error, error after refresh)
06. How to handle NULL in a data library
07. How to convert an Access database into a database of SQL Server experience!
08. Total resolution-How do I get the ID number of the record I just inserted into the database?
09.SQL Grammar Reference Manual
10. The most concise multiple query solution
11. Stored Procedure Usage Encyclopedia
12. Methods of randomly extracting several records from the database
13.t-sql keyword Collection
14.ODBC keyword Collection
15.ADO error code
Error 80004005 common in 16.ASP information and solutions
17. Common Paging Procedure

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