Sorting algorithm--quick-line thinking

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Quick Sort

1. Thought

Fast sorting divides an array into two arrays and then sorts the two arrays independently, which is a recursive algorithm.

First randomly selects a shard element temp (typically the first element of the array), places the number less than temp on the left side of temp, and places the number greater than temp on the right side of temp.

The fast and heap sorts are like, they all divide an array into two sub-arrays, all of which belong to a recursive algorithm. But the difference is that the complexity of the fast-row space is O (1), and the Heap is O (n),

The quick rank is in-place sort, only needs a very small auxiliary stack, the time complexity is NLOGN.

2. Code implementation (Java)

Public class Quick {
Public static void sort (int[] a,int lo,int hi) {
if (Hi<=lo) return;
int J = partition (A,lo,hi);
sort (a,lo,j-1);
sort (a,j+1,hi);
//a[j] is the Shard element that scans right from the left end of the array until it finds an element greater than or equal to it
//Start scanning to the right of the array until you find an element that is less than or equal to it, and swap the two elements for a position.
public static int partition (int[] a,int lo,int hi) {
//Left/Right scan array
int j = lo;
int i = hi+1;;
int v = A[lo];
While (true) {
While (V>=a[++j]) {
if (j==hi) break;
While (V<=a[--i]) {
if (i==lo) break;
if (j>=i) {
Break ;
int t = a[i];
A[i] = a[j];
a[j] = t;
A[lo] = a[j];
A[j] = v;
return J;

Public static void Main (string[] args) {
int[] A = {49,78,23,34,67,45,73,90,120,12,20,9,5};
int lo = 0;
int hi = a.length-1;
sort (a,lo,hi);
for (int i=0;i<a.length;i++) {
System.out.print (a[i]+ "");



Sorting algorithm--quick-line thinking

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