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The VoIP-a reference guide to all things VoIP

This wiki covers everything related to VoIP, software, hardware, service providers, reviews, deployments, standards, Tips & tricks and everything else related to voice over IP networks, IP telephony and Internet telephony.
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This section is for news, ie news reports, press releases, product release announcements etc.

  • Research: peer-to-peer Internet telephony using SIP PDF
  • Iconv application module for character conversion.
  • Version 0.9.2 of ldapget application module released. bugfix.
  • Over 5 million VoIP subscribers worldwide-dmeurope story
  • Interviews with BKW, twisted and David Mandelstam
  • Interview with drumkilla, the manager of the stable branch of Asterisk
  • Interview with BKW, one of the developers of Asterisk
  • Land Grab: What if Wal-Mart got in the WiMAX/VoIP business? Robert X. cringely editorial
  • Interview with Mark Spencer, the creator of Asterisk-Slashdot entry
  • Http:// cordless VoIP card DECT now compatible with Skype, MSN Messenger and any audio applications based on windows. Works in dual mode with SIP and audio.
  • More news


  • Asterisk: Open Source PBX
  • SIP Express Router: an Open Source SIP proxy/Router
  • VoIP tools
    • Analog telephone adapters: VoIP analog telephone adapters ATA
    • Digital telephone adapters: VoIP digital/TDM telephone adapters
    • VOIP phones: VOIP phones both hardware and software
    • VoIP always ways: VoIP to PSTN always ways (also known as: media always ways)
    • VoIP PBX and servers
    • VoIP Routers
    • USB phone
    • VoIP session and border controllers and NAT traversal Solutions
    • Open source software
    • Commercial Software
    • VoIP Billing
    • Enum-map E164 telephone number into VoIP addresses
    • FXS-FXO Converters
    • Dial pulse to touchtone DTMF Converters
    • VoIP test equipment: how to analyze the Speech Quality of VOIP equipment
    • VoIP silicon chips specifically designed to support VoIP
  • VoIP service providers: VSPs, the next generation telco
  • Wireless VOIP
  • Low bandwidth VoIP using VOIP on dial-up or other low speed connections
  • VOIP over satellite using VOIP over satellite connections
  • Nat and VoIP
  • QoS-Quality of Service
  • Packetcable
  • Fax and VoIP
  • VoIP codecs
  • VOIP Bandwidth requirements
  • How to debug and troubleshoot VoIP
  • VoIP sites: VoIP sites on the Internet
  • VoIP policy state and federal VoIP policy and regualatory issues
  • VoIP training: seminars, tutorials, on-line classes
  • Protocols
    • IP protocols: SIP, LTP, H.323, SCCP, MGCP, Megaco, IAX, stun, Enum, Trip, simple, RTP, pint, sctp, t.37, t.38, cops
    • ITU protocols: SS7, ISUP
    • ITU related standards: p.1010
    • OSP-Open Settlement Protocol
  • Markup ages
    • IVR presentation and dialog management: VoiceXML
    • Call Control/conferencing/call routing: ccxml
    • IVR/Speech Recognition definition: SRGs
    • IVR/speech synthesis definition: ssml
    • IVR/prompting/recording/conferencing/DTMF/Voice: callxml
  • Organizations
    • Standards Organizations: IETF, ITU, CCITT, ANSI, ISO, IEC, ETSI, IEEE, W3C
    • VoIP user groups: list of local VoIP user groups
    • Industry: SIP Forum, H.323 Forum, SIPfoundry, chinavoip
  • Traditional Telephone Network
    • Analog telephone information
    • PBX features
    • Telecom terms: Ani, dnis, PBX, Centrex, E1, T1, Bri, PRI, ISDN, did, channelbank, numbering plans, nebs, CALEA, Lata, 911, PSAP, V and H coordinates, NPA-NXX, telecom dictionary, CLEC, LNP, more

    • Telco engineering information

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