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I translated this book a long time ago, and now the source code CD is not around. Now, the source code owner can download the code in zbuffer. Most of the resource files except for Chapter 6 can be found in DirectX SDK. In addition, you can go to gameres to search for my original post titled "in-depth management directx9". Each chapter is followed by complete code and resources.

In fact, I personally think that since xNa has been released, there is no need to learn MDX again. After all, MDX will no longer be updated and is destined to decline slowly. Technically, xNa is only an upgrade of MDX, and it is quite easy to migrate. In addition, it provides better support than MDX. Ms now calls all its game development technologies xNa, so it can be seen that the future will be promising.

In addition, how many people are still reading the xNa tutorial I wrote in a small survey? For some special reasons, I may not update this tutorial anymore-_-B.

PS: If you send emails to me, do not use the email system on the blog any more. If there is a problem with the csdn email system, the emails sent to my mailbox are garbled.> <

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