Source code, such as the client, multiple types of TableView animation effects, edge return gestures, and tableview gestures

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Source code, such as the client, multiple types of TableView animation effects, edge return gestures, and tableview gestures
IOS featured source code album multi-choice framework zhPopupController simple and quick pop-up custom view tableView to achieve a variety of animation effects Custom Animation PageControl display tableView and collectionView structure, framework CHD_ListView_StructureRxSwift + Moya + ObjectMapper elegant network request-level model conversion multiple indicator text effects source code SGPagingViewreact-native low imitation guest live broadcast client support iOS/AndroidScreenEdgePanGesture pop-up implementation scheme


IOS high-quality blog iOS-RxSwift project practice record

! (/Data/attachment/album/201709/09/091733q7q452x972sq2890.png)
After careful consideration, I decided to use Swift from the next project (Swift has not been used in practical projects for so long ...), It happens that RxSwift has been out for some time, and the syntax is also... read the original text.

One line of code allows your TableView to move-iOS Animation

UITableView is a control frequently used in iOS daily development. The normal Display Effect of tableView is relatively stiff. To improve APP vitality and experience, we can perform Cell operations to achieve some animation effects based on the characteristics of tableView.
I wrote a simple animation set, and only one line of code is required for tableView to implement animation.
At present, there are about 10 animations. For more information, see the original article.

What does AI mean for iOS development?

Preface the topic of AI in recent years has become a hot topic. In China, many bosses will talk about machine learning and big data. Artificial Intelligence PHD, which just graduated from the United States, is also sought after by everyone, and the salary has been pushed to the NFL L4. Artificial intelligence has even become a hot topic in the Internet field-it seems that artificial intelligence is outdated. As an iOS developer, I keep a close track of and understand the popularity of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This... read the original article

IOS ARKit Tutorial: Do not touch the screen, use gestures in the air to paint

This article is translated from iOS ARKit Tutorial: Drawing in the Air with Bare Fingers. the original author is Osama AbdelKarim AboulHassan. Recently, Apple released a new augmented reality (AR) library named ARKit. In the eyes of many people, this is just another good thing...

Step by step crawling from MVC to MVVM (RxSwift)

Preface from the Android (2. x version) years ago to the current iOS development, the principle of development that has always been advocating is function first, code second, and architecture third. The first thing that comes up with a demand arrangement is how to quickly complete it, instead of writing elegant code, rather than considering any advanced architecture. Of course, this has something to do with the project itself. Some large projects take the course of their predecessors. I can do it by building bricks in the original structure... read the original article.

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