South Cass land survey map spot properties perfectly converted to SHP-applicable to other CAD extended attributes converted to SHP

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/Files/zuiyirenjian/cass shp .7z

The conversion of land survey attributes is different from that of parcel attributes, which can be output in an EXCEL table. For details about conversion of parcel attributes to SHP, see another article. Here we mainly use the FME data conversion function, that is, to convert the extended attributes of CASS to the ARCGIS fields without losing them.

1. Let's take a look at this figure: the extended attributes of CASS.

(& Quot; south & quot; (1000. "310000") corresponds to the image spot attribute code "310000", ("TBBH" (1000. "7") corresponds to the image spot number "7", ("DLDM" (1000.

("QSXZ" (1000. "") ("ZYFS"
(1000. "") ("SHI" (1000. "Huizhou") ("XIAN" (1000. "huiyang") ("XIANG" (1000.
"Daya Bay") ("CUN" (1000. "") ("ZU" (1000 .""))

They are the title, occupation type, city, county, township, village, group, and other characters of the CASS.


2. How to Use FME Universal Viewer to open the CAD-format SPOT Image File and view its attributes.

You can see the following information in the attribute bar on the right:

Extended_data_list {0} application_name: south

Extended_data_list {1} string: 310000

Extended_data_list {10} application_name: PDJB

Extended_data_list {11} string:

Here, extended_data_list {0} application_name: southSouthIndicates the converted field name,String: 310000Is the corresponding field content. The even number is the field name, and the odd number is the field content, which will be used for converting the connection. After understanding the data attributes of CAD, it is easy to use FME for conversion.

3. FME conversion process

Use FME to load the image SPOT data in DWG format. Remember to convert the format to SHP.


3.1 InFME Universal ViewerWe can see that there are 34 extended_data_list objects in total, "0-33". In the extended_data_list {} field, set the number to 34.


Because only the surface is converted, only the DLJ_polygon is retained.

Look, open the upper right corner of DLJ_polygon, click "user attributes" in the middle menu, and create a field. Set the field name, type, and width. I use the character type here.


Click OK to connect. Go back to step 2 and check the following information:

Extended_data_list {0} application_name: south

Extended_data_list {1} string: 310000

Extended_data_list {10} application_name: PDJB

Extended_data_list {11} string:

The field name has been created, so it is OK to connect the field content to the corresponding field name.

The even number corresponds to the field name, and the odd number corresponds to the field content.

The illustration is as follows:


After the connection is complete, click Run and select the Save path.

4. Open ARCGIS, load the converted data, and you can see that the content is not standard, and the modification is perfect.

Open edit and replace "string:" and "real:" "16Bit_integer:" With null values.

See the figure below:

5. Save and edit the settings.

6. If you have any questions, you can download the demo animation. To ensure that the content is not too large, there is no text description for the animation, and the operation is faster. You can use it with this article.

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