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Microsoft technical Lecture at Southwest Jiaotong University (club pre-establishment lecture)

Note: You have any questions about the club, suggestions, comments, can be put forward.

Club members to join: Personal profile, contact details, hobbies, expertise, sent to

Time: April 15, 2005 (3 o'clock in the afternoon---5 o'clock in the afternoon)

Venue: Third floor, one canteen, Rhinoceros PO Campus, Southwest Jiaotong University

The opening agenda is as follows

1, it Technology introduction film appreciation (14:30--14:50)

2, opening address (14:40--15:00)

3, Guest lectures: Microsoft Beijing Company guests (15:00--16:30)


Pmp. PMI (American Institute of Project Management), IEEE Women in engineering member. At Microsoft China Development Cooperation Department is responsible for education promotion. Years of industry information, software development and software project management experience. Na Zeng, PMP. Member of the IEEE Women in Engineering and PMI (Project Management nstitution). Ms. Zeng has over ten years software/it industry experience in and US. In the past few years, she engaged in the development of several key software projects, clients including Verizon Wireless , Bell Canada, Autobacs Japan, etc. She has bachelor Degree in Engineering, Master Degree in Computer, and Master's certificate in Project Management. Now she's working at DPE (Developer and Platform Evangelism) Group in Microsoft, and focusing on promoting Y and co-operation with academia. Http://

Yang Yi

Mr. Yang Yi joined Microsoft China Limited in 2003. As an ISV cooperation manager responsible for cooperative training activities with independent software vendors, dedicated to the promotion of Microsoft platform. Proficient in Microsoft.NET platform and architecture design, before joining Microsoft has rich experience in medical information system development. Mr. Yang Yi graduated from Purdue University in the United States with a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering (MSME), specializing in numerical simulation and computational mechanics. Microsoft Official Introduction Http://

3, Technical Lectures 1: Zenna (15:00--15:30)

4. Interactive time (15:30--15:40)

5, Technical Lectures 2: Yang Yi (15:50--16:30)

6. Interactive Time (16:30--16:40)

7, about to set up a Microsoft club related matters: Chao Xiaoming (16:40--16:50)

Chao Xiaoming: CSDN (China's largest developer network), a large moderator of Windows forum, Xuchang CRC Network Exchange forum Moderator.

8, about Microsoft Club future development question: Liu Wei (16:50--17:10)

Liu Wei: Microsoft's most valuable expert, Microsoft BizTalk Certified Lecturer, CSDN (China's largest developer Network) Web Development Forum Big moderator ...

9. End of lecture

If you are interested in it technology, if you want more contact with cutting-edge knowledge, please pay attention to the Southwest Jiaotong University Microsoft Club.

Club Tenet

Club to "broaden the field of vision, inspire creativity, unity and cooperation" for the purpose of the university students to contact new technology, the development of new ideas to create a good academic atmosphere. The club will try its best to invite Microsoft China to provide the club with academic materials, technical information, relevant technical and expert support, member training, etc., so that the vast number of Microsoft technical support to more easily touch the latest cutting-edge information. Greatly improve the students ' interest in learning, the appropriate opportunities can participate in the actual project development to improve team cooperation, and development experience. For everyone's future to do a good technical guidance.

About the club's mechanism

Our club is a totally public club, he's not bound by the school department.

Funds and gifts for the implementation of activities

The gift is provided by Microsoft Company and related sponsor.

The governing body of the club

Determined at the opening event.

Management of the club

Now intend to take loose management, members can join at any time, we do not charge any fees.

Club members

Now we intend to manage the club's membership online, and this issue will be discussed at the opening event.

On the development of club activities

One to two times a month, the technical salon, respectively, held in each campus, including technical lectures, technology exchange.
Site data sharing, source code sharing. If you have any questions, you can get a satisfactory answer at any time.

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