Sov. WAF (Web firewall) V1.0 released.

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Basically, you can use it. Some other functions will be added and improved later.

Directory monitoring: Webpage Trojan analysis can basically be killed.

HTTP monitoring: I have not added protection for the moment. I only perform monitoring and can detect the traces left by hackers when using injection vulnerability attacks. It is good to analyze server security.


Click here to download the program:/Files/0x001/sov.waf.rar


Display image:


I copied several web Trojans for testing and were monitored.


The program leaves the time point and path of the monitored file in the log.


The file is moved to the virus directory of the program, which will be used to study webpage Trojans later.


Switch to HTTP monitoring, select the correct Server IP address, and then monitor it. I tested it and the program monitored it.


The program injects dangerous logs into the data package and writes them into the httplog.txt log file.


You are welcome to use and discover problems.

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