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Windows7 system users will find that the system memory consumption is much, let us look at the three major factors that occupy the WINDOWS7 system:

First, the installation of Tencent QQ software deleted from QQExternal.exe this file

Method: Task Manager-process-found QQExternal.exe process-– Right-click Open File location-– back to Task Manager-– end the process-delete QQExternal.exe file. Ditto, such as fast seeding, Youku, thunder and so on Peer-to-peer software. If not, quit completely, end the process, or even delete the process file. The biggest damage to this type of software is the continuous reading and writing of the system disk. This is great for disk damage. Therefore, it is best to exit the program completely after use. Prohibit the WINDOWS7 system from Automatic Update, disable search function, etc.

Second, turn off thumbnail display

There is a dynamic icon in the Windows7 function, the file can be displayed in the form of icons, such as Word file on the first page of the document as an icon, video files on the first frame of the picture as a file icon, very good-looking, but also can facilitate our search, but also have shortcomings, because the system for the file icon, It takes a lot of time to generate thumbnails for each file, and it also saves them automatically, which takes up a lot of hard disk space and system resources. If your computer is not configured well, you can turn off this fancy feature. Close method: Open the Computer window, press "ALT" to display the Window menu, then click on the Menu "Tools-Folder Options", click the "View" tab in the pop-up window, and then, under the "Advanced" settings option, "Always show the icon, never show thumbnails" before the hook to cancel off.

Third, turn off the system Hibernate function

By default, the WINDOWS7 system turns on system hibernation, which causes the system disk to have a dormant file in the root directory that is about the same size as physical memory, and takes up a lot of hard disk space. You can turn off the hibernate feature to free up hard disk space, click Start-All Programs-attachments, right-click the command prompt, and select Run as Administrator. Enter "Powercfg/hoff" in the window, and then press ENTER to turn off the system's hibernate function.

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