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HowTestIs the manager's small company ready for testing?

First, no test Manager means that testers do not have the most direct managers. In this case, the managers are development managers or technical directors. But why are they busy?
At the same time, in the case of unattended supervision, testing is very easy to be lazy.Work
Finally, testers need to do their jobs well to show their own values and expand their teams.

1. strict self-discipline
Without direct managers, it does not mean that there are no managers. The higher-level leadership of the company will pay attention to the performance of every employee (because the company is small, the boss will know every employee, manage yourself at work (don't be late, leave early, or ask for leave)
Unless you do not want your job to be recognized, or do not want your salary to be improved.

2. work according to the formal process
Without human management, it would be easy and casual to work. Manual testing is not requiredTest CasesNo review, no report ...... In the long run, a casual and loose mood will be formed at work.
Even if there is only one tester, in the testing work, we should try to follow the procedures prescribed in the testing theory, software engineering, and according to the actual situation of the company, find the testing workflow most suitable for the company and continuously improve it

3. Report to "leaders" on a regular basis
Leaders want to know what their employees are doing.
Let your leaders or company leaders know what the guys in the testing position have done. Are there any achievements that can bring corresponding benefits to the company?
If the company's leaders or CEOs feel that testers can bring benefits to the company, your work should at least be recognized. Otherwise, they may be fired or paid down.

4. global consideration of current testing work
According to the company's project considerations, the current test work, when the company finds that the project time is short, the logic is complex, you need to request support from the company's relevant leaders in a timely manner, you want to add testers
Do not say that the reason is that there are not enough people when the work is not completed or the work is not completed well ...... Because you should have proposed

5. Communicate with developers
After work, you can communicate with other staff in the company and learn more. Everyone knows each other and is a friend of each other. How much can they help at work?

6. Maintain Advanced Technology
Because the company has few employees and does not have enough space for communication and improvement, it needs to charge more in its spare time to maintain and improve its technical capabilities.

7. Do not intervene too early.Automated Testing
Automated Testing reduces the number of manual testing experts, but after entering the company, Do not blindly start automated testing after accessing the project. Otherwise, it is easy to be dragged down by it.

8. Good attitude
You are not fighting alone. You are fighting with the entire team and company.

9. Others
The above content does not mean that you can do a good job of testing in small companies. There are many things that need to be addressed and handled.
WorkplaceIt's a university question!

Space Management your location: 51testing software testing network» lilisx2006 personal space» how to test logs in a small company without a test Manager

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