SpannableString for Android development and android Development

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SpannableString for Android development and android Development

In the actual application development process, it is often encountered that different text parts display different font style information, such as text font, size, color, style, and hyperlink. In general, the text in TextView is a style. in similar cases, you can use the SpannableString or SpannableStringBuilder object to implement the above settings.

Both SpannableString and SpannableStringBuilder can set a text segment to a Span. In Android, Span represents the effect of a text segment, such as the link format, image, and background text. The difference is that SpannableStringBuilder can modify the text content.

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Class Structure:

Extends Object
Implements GetChars Spannable CharSequence

Java. lang. Object


Android. text. SpannableString

Class Overview:

The content of such text remains unchanged, but the marking object can be appended and separated. For variable text, seeSpannableStringBuilder.


Public Constructors


SpannableString (CharSequence source)


Common public methods:

Public Methods

Final char

CharAt (int I)

Returns the character at the specified index position. The index of the first character is 0.


Equals (Object o)

Compares this instance with the specified object and indicates if they are equal.

Compare this instance with the specified object. If it is equal, true is returned.

Final void

GetChars (int start, int end, char [] dest, int off)

Similar to the String. getChars () method: copy characters from the specified character array. Start position, end position, and off offset.


GetSpanEnd (Object what)

Obtain the end position of what object in the SpannableString object. If no match exists,-1 is returned.


GetSpanStart (Object what)

Obtain the starting position of what object in the SpannableString object. If no match exists,-1 is returned.

Final int

Length ()

Returns the number of characters in the sequence.


RemoveSpan (Object what)

Deletes a specified object from the text range.


SetSpan (Object what, int start, int end, int flags)

Sets a Span object.



Void setSpan (Object what, int start, int end, int flags)

Sets a Span object. The first parameter "what" indicates the effect of a piece of text. It can accept the following attributes:

Attribute name



Background Color


Clickable text with click events


Text color (foreground color)


Blur (BlurMaskFilter) embossed (EmbossMaskFilter)


Parent class, generally not used


Grating effect


Strikethrough (hyphen)


Equivalent to a placeholder




Absolute size (text font)


Set the image to align based on the text baseline or bottom.




Relative size (text font)


Parent class, generally not used


Zooming based on X axis


Font Style: bold and italic


Subscript (used in mathematical formulas)


Superscript (used in mathematical formulas)


Text appearance (including font, size, style, and color)


Text font


Text hyperlink

The second and third parameters indicate the start position and end position of a text segment to be set to Span, namely start and end. The last parameter (flags) is a flag. You can also set the following values:

Spanned. SPAN_EXCLUSIVE_INCLUSIVE: The Span effect is not applied to the characters entered before the Span, and the Span effect is applied to the characters entered later.

Spanned. SPAN_INCLUSIVE_EXCLUSIVE: Apply the Span effect to the character entered before the Span, and do not apply the Span effect to the character entered after the Span.

Spanned. SPAN_INCUJSIVE_INCLUSIVE: Apply the Span effect to all the characters entered before and after the Span.

Application instance:

For details about SpannableString, refer to TextView advanced application for Android development.

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