Spatial Database 1

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Unconsciously again test, spatial database did not how to go to class, hurriedly collation of information review. and share it with everyone.

a   . with regard to the contents of the spatial database, the main 8 a few aspects:

    1. concept, structure, application and development of spatial database
    2. Spatial data representation and data model
    3. Spatial database Design
    4. Storage and management technology of spatial database
    5. Spatial storage and indexing

6. Spatial Query Language

7. Query processing and optimization

8. Introduction to spatial data mining

9. Research Prospects

Two. Learning goals and requirements

    1. Master the concept of spatial data, spatial information, spatial database system and spatial database management system, and understand the development process of spatial data management mode.
    2. Master spatial Information Model (vector, raster, raster vector integration, digital elevation model, object model, restrictive (constrained) spatial data model).
    3. Mastering the traditional relational spatial data model, or spatial data model; Understanding OO Spatial Data Model

Master the spatial database design steps, extend the expression of ER model and spatial data modeling; Learn about UML's approach to building an object-oriented data model.

    1. Storage management technology of spatial data
    2. Mastering the Fundamentals of spatial indexing
    3. Mastering Spatial Data Query Language (GSQL)
    4. Mastering Spatial data query processing and optimization

three . Production test Data

Spatial database (spatial Databases A Tour). (US) Shashi Shekhar, Sanjay Chawla. Machinery Industry Press. 2004

Geographic Information system database. Zhang Xin Long, Marin soldier, Chang Young. Science Press. 2005

Principles of spatial databases. June Cui Science Press. 2007

Spatial Database 1

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