Special characters (\ t, \ r, \ n) in Linux and Windows)

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Special characters (\ t, \ r, \ n) in Linux and Windows -- Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information. For more information, see the following. Today, I wrote a Test Program (running in a Linux environment), in which some command strings must be pre-stored in a file, and then the test program reads these command strings from the file. In these command strings, fields are separated by the "\ t" separator. The end of each command string must end with "\ r \ n.

At the beginning, I simply put such a command string, such as "305 \ t00: 14: 22: 9C: 22: 9B \ t10.1.10.17 \ t \ r \ n "is saved to the file. However, when running the test program, the Command Format always prompts an error. I initially thought there was a problem with the function that reads the command string from the file, but after repeated experiments, I found that it was not a problem to read the file. By printing and displaying each character of the read string, I suddenly thought that the Delimiter is stored as a separate character in the file, rather than what they mean. ("\ T" is '\' and 't', rather than the TAB key)

Now that the problem is found, you can directly type the Tab key and the Enter key when saving the file. However, the return key in linux only represents "\ n", while the return key in windows represents "\ r \ n". Therefore, create the command string file in windows and upload it to linux. The problem is finally solved.
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