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1. Convert the webpage to a traditional version

I want to make the web pages have both simplified and traditional versions. Now I have completed the simplified version. How can I convert them into traditional versions?

A: The conversion function is available in Dreamweaver. Select "Modify → Page Properties" to open the Page owner.
In the Document Encoding window, select "traditional Big5 code. However, this method is too troublesome and does not support batch conversion. We recommend that you use the ConvertZ software. It is a small tool used to convert the GBK/Big5 internal code. It supports batch conversion of a large number of files and conversion of the text content in the clipboard. Http://nj.onlinedown.net/soft/4376.htmDownload.

2. How to change the mouse style

Some web pages are very special. The mouse is not a conventional Windows arrow, but a cross or hand shape. How is this made?

A: In Dreamweaver, open the CSS Style floating window, press "+" to create a Style, OK, enter the "Style Definition for xxx" window, and select the last "Extensions ", select the options in the "Cursor" drop-down box under "Visual Effect" on the right to achieve various effects of the mouse.

3. How to create table dotted lines

Some web tables are not solid lines, but dotted lines. The tables only seem to have solid lines. How can I create dotted lines?

A: You can set a 1 × 2 graph in the background of the table, which is half-black and half-white. Another way is to use CSS to create a Style, select "Redefine HTML Tag", select "Table" from the drop-down menu, and select "Border" from "Category" in the pop-up dialog box ", set Top, Left, Right, and Bottom to 1px and the color of the border you want. Select "Dashed" in the "Style" drop-down box and click "OK ". In this way, all tables become dotted lines.

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