Specified resgen.exe "exited with code-1073741701

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Export resgen.exe "exited Code 2

Problem AnalysisThis is because vs2010 cannot compile. net3.5.

Create a. Net 3.5 W with vs2010Inform itemProject, the result compilation fails, and this problem is also the second one. It's really tangled ···
I am no longer lazy this time. Please record the solution.

In 64-bit Windows 7, using vs2010 to compile a. Net project before 4.0 may cause problems. The original reason is resgen.exe. It runs in a 64-bit environment. When he tries to load a 32-bit executableCodeThe execution will fail:

Failed to execute command:
"" C: \ Program Files (x86) \ microsoft sdks \ windows \ v7.0a \ bin \ resgen.exe "(omitted here ···)

FollowOfficial Solution, Translated directly

1. Disable Visual Studio.

2. Run Visual Studio command prompt (2010) as an administrator in the Visual Studio Tools directory ),

[Note: this is at the beginning -- allProgram-- Under Microsoft Visual Studio 2010]

Switch the directory": \ Program Files (x86) \ microsoft sdks \ windows \ v \ bin \". (My Name Is v7.0a)

[Note: UseCD commandSwitch Directory]

3. Run the following command:
Corflags/32bit + resgen.exe/Force

4. Open the. csproj file in Notepad

5. Add<Resgentoolarchitecture> managed32bit </resgentoolarchitecture>This property is under propertygroup: Save the file.

Try compiling again. Everything is OK!


Reprinted from: gisoracle http://www.cnblogs.com/gisoracle/archive/2012/06/11/2544552. HTML

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