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By talking about these things about user experience today, I hope everyone can realize that a good website, a website that focuses on user experience and makes users feel comfortable to use, is not a few people, which of the following roles has a relationship with everyone in the team.

The layout and style of the process design and page design during the planning of xiaoliang, as well as the functional design when they wrote code. It has a crucial impact on the user experience. So you said, isn't it okay when Xiao Xue uploads the information?

We have no original things. In fact, there are not many original things on Sina and QQ. So we have to think about how to integrate the copied and pasted items so that we can see more users on our website and get more use?

I have already seen a lot of videos. There are more than 500 videos, and a certain number of videos are available. Let's think about how to make this quantitative change cause qualitative changes? What types of videos can attract users? Can we find some 56 videos that are not available on Youku to attract some of our users? Also, when users browse these videos? What is the rule? What are the operational habits? Can you analyze the website for the second and third editions to provide suggestions for improvement for our planning and design personnel?

I think these are all very interesting and creative things. If you go deep into them, you will not feel bored or repetitive.

Xiao Zhang is now trying to promote the website, and now he has seen remarkable results. If you are really interested in this aspect, you should pay attention to this information, such as Google promotion, Baidu promotion, Forum promotion, and news promotion. Go to these related websites and check it out. Google official blog, Baidu Official space, donews, techweb, and other industry websites. See what requirements and suggestions they have for the website.

Therefore, to make our website ready, we must mobilize the whole site and the whole site.

Now, our goal is to "make a website" two months ago and "build a website ". This is a huge transformation and turning point. At this turning point, we were confused, confused, and uncertain about our future work. This is a bit similar two months ago. This is what I found during the two weeks of communication with you intentionally or unintentionally. There was a dark surge under the torrents. This is something I did not do.

As a team leader, if I cannot allow all the team members to work together to do things and do not allow everyone to face daily work with passion, it is my failure to do my job well.

Therefore, you are welcome to have questions and questions. You can contact me for any comments or suggestions, whether at work or off-work, whether at work or at rest.

The websites we analyzed just now include Sina, Taobao, Sohu, and prawns. Their websites are bigger and better, and there are still a lot of bad and bad websites, it is so embarrassing for users.

It is also the reason why I started with the user experience, that is, to let everyone build confidence in themselves and their work.

Like us, they also work on buses and subways for an hour or two, and eat 8 yuan a lunch at noon. Many of them are also students who have just graduated for a year or two. They also copy good things, and copy Facebook on the Intranet. The pages and CSS remain unchanged. Google copied Sohu pinyin, And the Sohu employee list in the dictionary was not changed.

Therefore, you should not have the idea of being inferior or arrogant.

We have the same conditions as them. When encountering problems and looking for resources, they can only Google and Baidu. Many work methods and experiences are also obtained from forums and blogs. They succeeded two years earlier than us. We respect them and learn from them. However, there is no Level on the Internet, so we are competing with them on the same stage.

Every day on the Internet, there is a miracle. We can also, and everyone has a chance. As long as we carefully analyze and feel in the current imitation and reference, we will be able to find a method that suits us and create our own world on the Internet!

With the expansion of China's economy, the second spring of the Chinese Internet has arrived. The old generation of Internet Heroes gradually become invisible, and the new generation of website elites appear on the horizon, remove your sword.

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