Speed 14, fail.

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For me, from the very beginning, I was fascinated by its simple control and real pictures, and tried to play all its classic series.

Compared with speed 13, for the sky, road surface, world landscape, speed 14 is not much changed, but it feels a little regressing.

On my computer, the configuration is as follows: inter core2 dual-core 6550, 2 GB memory, 86gt graphics card, and only 800*600 for running speed 13. The effects of other effects are the highest, and the shadow effect has a serious impact on the overall speed, in addition, there are very detailed options for the display settings in speed 13.

After the extreme speed 14 is installed, the effect is adjusted to the highest. The resolution of 1440*900 is the highest on my monitor, and the running speed is still very fast, but there are few options to set the display effect, the overall effect is not much improved.

I have completed customs clearance for a weekend...


The root cause is the difference between the two production teams. The speed 13 was produced by blackbox, which is quite powerful. so we think that speed 14 is just a transitional product, and the upcoming <speed 15: Speed 2> is the first thing!

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