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In recent years, we will often find QQ friends mood, status updates on the text to make people indefinitely, strokes are numerous but also full of fun, this is the Martian text, especially popular in the last few years, is an important element in the network popular culture. The first Martian text originated in Taiwan, a part of the pursuit of personality of netizens feel this kind of text fun eye-catching, very easy to distinguish from the general font, so the Martian text gradually in this group of maverick users popular.

With the high popularity of the internet, the Martian text with online games and other channels into the mainland, and by more and more young users, in order to play the Martian text, they will input Chinese characters into a specific Martian translator to achieve input, which is actually very inconvenient. In order to meet the needs of these young users, the speed of light input method will be integrated into the software of the Martian text input, right-click the input method status bar, select simplified switch, and then select the Martian text input can be completed settings.

The speed of light input method is a set of various input methods in one input method, including wubi, pinyin, wubi Pinyin mixed three kinds of, in the day-to-day work or entertainment can be based on their own input habits to switch input mode, very convenient, in want to use the Martian text to sell Meng Chat spit slot, simply set to switch, Let you easily play the Martian text, so that the other time to seek translation!

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