Speed-up method for foreign exchange speculation

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No matter who you are, any newbie, short-term within the day is a stage that must be experienced when entering the foreign exchange market. For general beginners, it will become a stable winner in the long-term only after repeated short-term "baptism" in the day. The trend of the foreign exchange market has also evolved from short-term.

  Many new users are very confused, especially those who are not sure about the short-term trend. We need to train ourselves into a short-term master (in fact, there is no real short-term master in the world, only a high probability of profit, do 5 Single win 3 The probability of a single ticket !), It is necessary to spend a hard time on the simulated account, you must make crazy orders. Constantly practice your ability to operate Short-Term and read the disk, that is, the disk feeling. Short-term practitioners must understand several key things. First, "volatility". The primary feature of the foreign exchange market is volatility. You must never describe it with ups or downs! Remember! When you can understand what volatility really means, you have jumped out of a newbie's circle. As the martial arts novels write: killing people relies not on liren, not superb martial arts, but on people's hearts! Second, "probability". Short-term profit must be achieved by probability, but the foreign exchange market does not 100% Winner! The funds in your account may fluctuate or jump between profit and loss. The operation on the day after the end of any profitable period is successful! Let's talk about a very simple example: Someone has brought 300 Yuan to play mahjong, his money fell down 200 , And then 400 , Please make a profit each time 400 You leave, don't play with them, say there is something at home! (The reality is impossible, so no one is playing with you !) But it can be done in the foreign exchange market. No one asks you to continue to make orders when you have made a profit. Only one person will let you do that. It is greedy and named "Taobao. Third, "trend". What are the short-term trends? Beginners are confused. My experience is: when you make a ticket, you must first understand the time when you open the computer and software. What is the morning? Afternoon? Evening? What time does it take? What is the day of the week? These are very important. If you do not understand them, please do not do it. If you make a profit, it will be dumped and returned to the market. Try to select afternoon for short term 4 Point -- 6 Point, evening, 9 Point 11 Point. At the same time, you must understand: 4 Hours K Wired 6 Root, 1 Hours K Wired 24 Root. Afternoon 4 Point K The line is on the third day of the day. 4 Hours K 9 Root 1 Hours K , No 18 Root 30 Minutes K , No 36 Root 15 Minutes K Opening position.

Remember !!! : When 4 Hourly opening 30 Minutes later, K The line is red, the trend is up, and the opposite is down. 1 Hours K Line opening 5 Minutes later, K The line is red and the green is down. 1 , When 4 Hours K Red, with many trends, 1 Hours K For green, find a low point and do more boldly. 2 , When 4 Hours K Green, empty trend, 1 When the hour line is red, find the high point and boldly short. 3 , When 1 The hour line is red. 4 , When 1 The hour line is green and short. 5 , Generally before the hour 10 Minutes, the market will change dramatically. That is, when you are at night 8 Point 20 Points, you do not make orders, this time in the day 4 Root 4 Hours K After the line opens 20 Minutes. Please check it out. 4 If the hour line is red or green or Green, please make sure you want to short it and then 8 : 20--8 : 50 This 30 In minutes, find a high point you think is empty, 8 : 50--9 : 00 The frequency of market volatility is high! For other times, please understand.    

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