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Guidance: For Web Development and design, small teams often have stronger executive power, because of communication between the team, not a lot of bondage, so often relative to the large team has high efficiency and speed guarantee.

Recently took a few sites to build the live, from the site planning to web design production, are my friends and two people in the completion of the workload, although very large, often busy to the early morning two or three, but not feel tired.

This is to do the feeling of smooth, the site's early planning to the final formation are in accordance with my thinking step-by-step completion, there is no tedious work handover, almost no conflict, the work is very smooth.

Before I saw a proposition : How to develop a new product , how to balance the development quality and development speed? The answer that was given by the author at that time was speed. I agree, first of all, regardless of the quality of products, a new product to market, most users are accustomed to your function and operating mode, then again want to get used to the new product seems to be not an easy thing. Too much pursuit of product quality, will only waste a lot of time and energy, high quality products are tempered by a number of procedures, not short duration can be achieved.

Back to the original question, in the product development process to maintain a faster development of the elements of the speed? A personal opinion:

    1. Design is important. Like writing a text, the product is designed as an outline, without an outline, the theme of the idea will be chaos. If the initial design is not perfect in place, in the latter part of the link once there is a problem, then the cost of rework will be unbearable. And there are enough innovative design to enable the team to maintain vitality and passion in the development process.
    2. The norm is the root criterion. The formulation of the specification can make the project flow smoothly, so that someone will not deviate from the original product Blueprint during the development process.
    3. Small team Development . Small team development can effectively avoid the "system bloated and rigid" problem, in the communication and collaboration will not be a big stumbling, the efficiency of the implementation to maximize.
    4. Barrier-free communication and collaboration. This is often the most difficult problem for a general project team to develop , and then a small team will have to communicate unless it is developed by one person. Different opinions diverge, and disagreements lead to some projects being shelved, eventually delaying development time.
    5. Use experienced developers . Especially in the rapid development team, experienced developers are particularly important, experienced people will reasonably regulate their behavior, and inexperienced people are often not even the norms are aware.

In the rapid development of the team to maintain a small lineup and innovative vitality, and then fast birds can not catch the Dragonfly, is this truth.

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